June 25, 2014 10:39

Big Change Coming: Forwarding to Chess.com

A huge change is coming to ChessVibes: on Friday, June 27th we will start forwarding all news articles to Chess.com's news pages. This also means that readers won't be able to leave comments anymore on ChessVibes.

On October 3rd, 2013 we announced the big news that Chess.com had acquired ChessVibes. It was the start of a great combination, with our news reporting added to Chess.com's platform & community.

However, since then many times I was asked: "What will happen to ChessVibes?" In our original press release we wrote: "ChessVibes.com will continue to exist for several months while its archive of content is transferred to Chess.com." But that was almost nine months ago.

And, indeed, what would be the best future for ChessVibes? Should it be merged totally with Chess.com, or should it continue to exist? And in what form?

We have now decided to go for a compromise: we'll keep ChessVibes up, but clicking on the news articles will lead you to Chess.com's version of the article. So, for example, if you are on the ChessVibes homepage, and you click on “Three-day Tour Carlsen (& Aronian) Through Armenia”, you will end up here. (Note that old articles will stay online here; only articles published after June 27th will link to Chess.com.)

That's not a big deal actually: the content will be exactly the same, only the location is different. The site design is different, and perhaps less attractive to some of our readers, but in fact very soon Chess.com's design will be significantly changed, and yes, it will look more like ChessVibes actually!

The biggest change will be the comments section - since you'll be reading the news on Chess.com, there is no way anymore to leave a comment here on ChessVibes. Obviously we gladly invite you to create a free account on Chess.com, where you can pick your own username, so you can still remain more or less anonymous and join the discussion under the articles there.

I hope that everyone here who has always contributed in a positive way to the debate, will join me at Chess.com. We're in this together. ;-)

All the best,

Peter Doggers

We'll start forwarding you to Chess.com from Friday, June 27th, 2014. Again, to leave comment (or to play chess!) on Chess.com you only need to create a FREE account once.


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Author: Peter Doggers


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predict his next statement then silly goose

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@ Anonymous

I agree with your comment "trolls...are tolerated (and probably welcome) here because of the traffic generated by petty "discussions".
It is indeed incomprehensible to me as to why they are allowed otherwise. A dishonest way of operating. The almighty dollar talks, as usual.

Roberto's picture

NOOOOoooooOOOOOooooOOOOooooooo = ( = (

Chess Vibes is gooone!

= )

Just kidding Peter. You are correct and i hope you guys make the best for all.

Thank you for building this extremely nice web page,

jhoravi's picture

What was the point of Chessvibes acquisition of it will be killed anyway?

BTW how much was the buyout?? :)

RG13's picture

I assume the point was to acquire the super-excellent chess journalist Peter Doggers. He will continue to do his journalism only he will be working for chess.com instead of himself. So those that want to read what he writes (like me) will follow him there.

RG13's picture

Two other great places to read chess news in English are:




Anonymous's picture

The first one, OK.
The second one, is that not the "Susan Polgar the great - triple crown holder - 15 times and over world champion" promotion site?

Anonymous's picture

That's the one. She sucks, and sucks up to Ilyumzhinov too. Her comment section is even worse than Chess.com, almost non-existent.

Thomas Richter's picture

That (acquire Peter Doggers) was one point, and in that respect I agree with RG13: It doesn't really matter a lot where good people write - also others like Colin McGourty and, while it lasted, 'the late' Mig Greengard.

Another point might have been to get rid of a competitor, and that isn't necessarily good news for an audience now deprived of a choice - personally, I had so far 'ignored' chess.com (for reasons nicely described by Frits Fritschy). But who are we to complain? It remains to be seen if there will be changes to chess.com - as promised by Peter, but not much to nothing happened (yet) over the last months, so I stay skeptical as always.

As to the comment system at chess.com: compulsory registration is IMO more good than bad, but the discussions there don't interest me yet - which is the fault of the existing contributing audience. Some people commenting here at Chessvibes might switch, others will be gone. I haven't yet made up my mind, and it's anyone's opinion whom he will and whom he won't miss.

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Chess.com is growing fast!

Next it will acquire chessbase.

and Finally it will acquire FIDE.com haha

NoToday's picture

chess.com is misleading. I read a forum-post about pawns only to discover after a while the author has only 1600.

BTW - agree, that signing up for posting will harm the news comments.

Anonymous's picture

Hopefully this means the end of the cartoons. There is plenty of chess news every week; the cartoons are not needed. For example there is a GM tournament going on in Edmonton, CA, plus the US Closed Junior going on this week. So and Ivanchuk are playing at the Canada tourney.

Grandpa's picture

Luckily the cartoons are very prominent on chess.com! I for one enjoy them immensely.

Anonymous's picture

Too bad. It was more fun here than it over at chess.com. I read the same articles on both sites for the last months and enjoy the comments over here much more.
I do not think chess.com will ever be the same, even if they update their ugly UI, just too bad...

There will also be no point coming to chessvibes.com anymore. Ad income will dwindle... and then it will be wiped out altogether. A sad day.

Grandpa's picture

Deleting my (frequently used) shortcut to chessvibes.com. Bye everyone!

The end of ChessVibes as we know it's picture

ChessNinja went under, now ChessVibes, sad.
Ches.com comments are typical "First!" "Second!"... Not looking forward to that place.
But chess24 seems to be coming up strong, lets all move there.

fdsfsdf's picture

chess24? I checked their site out. Same thing, you cannt post without being registered!
I do not understand why people accept this.
chess.com is a no go. Without being registered, no post.


Anónimo's picture

It was good while it lasted. Your product, as a chess news discussion outlet is far superior to whatever chess.com has in stock.

I will have to keep my dislike for Kramnik, the person, to myself from now on! ;) Farewell Peter!

Grandma,  (Grandmabestemamma on Chess.com)'s picture

What, s the trouble in being registered?

You have still your right to free speach.

No big deal to sign in with a valid emailaddress and chose an avantar.

I did it today. You will need about five minutes. :)

dgdfg's picture

You cannt get a fake email using TOR, but posting with TOR. That is the difference. Didnt you read about the privacy scandals in the US???

vpai's picture

Best Wishes

Grandma's picture

It's up to the users how the comment section on Chess.com is going to be.

If people here on Chessvibes continue to post comments, the difference will not necessarily become great.

The layout on Chessvibes is better than on Chess.com, but Peter writes:

"The site design is different, and perhaps less attractive to some of our readers, but in fact very soon Chess.com's design will be significantly changed, and yes, it will look more like ChessVibes actually!"

I think it's a bit early to complain.

Why don't give it a try?

We should not be afraid of small changes.

And that we are obliged to give a valid email address and an avatar is just an advantage.

It makes all handles protected, and that's good. :-)

Frits Fritschy's picture

No, Grandma, it's not just up to the users. It's also about how serious the owner of a site takes the possibility of open and relevant discussion. Just counting the visitors and the number of reactions will do for the advertisers, but not for me. Apart from providing something that's visually attractive, there should also be a well thought-out framework in which such a discussion can flourish. I've tried to explain above what in my eyes is wrong with chess.com when it comes to that (and what is good about chessvibes in that respect).
Furthermore, consider this. You have been living reasonably happy for some years in your pensioner's home. Then you get notice that it will close down and you will have to move to a big place nearby. You have never liked that place, but they tell you it will be renovated. After eight months, you hear you will have to move next week. During those months, nothing seems to have been done to the new place, but don't you worry, that will happen in the near future... I don't know how it is with you, but I would first like to see how that worked out before I go there.
I really don't understand why chessvibes is stopped before the changes to chess.com are clear to see for all.
By the way, as far as I know you are not obliged to take an avatar to comment on chess.com. Thank God for that, Grandma, aren't we both too old for such sillyness?

Grandma's picture

I tried to post a comment to you, Frits, but for some reason it didn't go through the spamfilter.

There was nothing wrong with the comment, and i hope that Peter can do something about it.

Frits Fritschy's picture

Hope to see it tomorrow.

Grandma's picture

Does Peter Doggers have an emailadress?

I would like to write him, because
my comments to you are not coming through the spamfilter today either, and I cannot understand why

I'ts just an ordinary comment. I don't write anything which can insult others, and I accept and follow the Mollow privacy policy.

Its not a big deal, but still annoying.

Maybe my comment was just too long.

I don't know...

@Peter Doggers:

Don't forget to check the spam comments. Sometimes you find comments there which are NOT spam. :-)

Frits Fritschy's picture

info@chessvibes.com (It's on the bottom of the page, under Contact.)

Grandma's picture

Thanks! :-)

Grandma's picture

I have written an email now. Hope that Peter is not too busy and has time to answer. :)

Peter Doggers's picture
[Here's that comment:]
I admit that I don't know too much about  Chess.com and how seriously the owner take the possibility of open and relevant discussion.
About counting visitors: Don't they do it on every site?
I know perfectly well how many visitors we have each day on our Norwegian blog collective where I happen to be one of the administrators.
And I'm sure that Peter Doggers knows how many visitors there are here on Chessvibes.
I see of course your advertisers- point, but I'm afraid that we have to live with that on most internet sites.
I have read your first comment, and I agree that the layout is much better here on Chessvibes.
"Apart from providing something that's visually attractive, there should also be a well thought-out framework in which such a discussion can flourish."
I agree.
 Its better here, but let us wait and see.
 Maybe their will be significant changes on Chess.com just as Peter writes in his article..
What I miss on Chess.com  after taking a brief look when I signed in there , are "sub threads", - (I don't know if that is the right word i English), With subthreads you can react directly on another persons comment, like it is here and on most good blog sites which are open for comments.
(I post now a comment in what I call a sub thread lacking a better word.)
If Chess.com can create that, it would already be much better there for discussions.
I don't buy your comparison with a  pensioner's home. People who are living there, have usually not much choice, and if you are an old man or woman and you have to move from your home to a new place you don't like, it can obviously be difficult and sometimes traumatic.
To post comments on another site than before, is just a matter of accepting small changes and being  a bit flexible.
"I really don't understand why chessvibes is stopped before the changes to chess.com are clear to see for all."
Well, you got a point there, but now when it is decided that Chessvibes is going to stop before the changes on Chess.com, we just have to deal with it, and make the best of it.
Don't forget the advantages which already exist on Chess.com:
You have to log in with a valid emailaddress. Nobody risks that trolls are using their handles, which happen from time to time here, and if necessary you can edit your comment after you have posted.
I miss the edit-option here. 
Peter &co should implement the best things from Chessvibes on Chess,com, in order to get a good result.
 I can now see that there are some people without avatar on Chess.com.
But I don't think it's silly with avatars. It's much easier to recognize a person who has an avatar.
On our blogsite  avatars are obliged, and it works pretty well.
If people don't have the courage to use picture of themselves, they can use pictures of flowers, landscapes, whatever...
You have written about using the full name. You  prefer that we all use our names.. But until you use a picture of yourself when commenting, you're kind of anonymous all the same.
My compromise on Chess.com is to use my nickname, (but i had to change it, so it is now Grandmabestemamma), but use a picture of myself.
It means that I now only is partly anonymous, because I can't hide anymore from all people who know me, and I hope that it can help me to post comments which make some sense. ;)
In our Facebook era pictures are not _that_ dangerous anymore.
But of course it's OK with me that  some people don't use avatars on Chess.com.
You say in another comment:
My two main problems with it (even when a thread is interesting and participants stay on topic): Firstly, it's not directly connected with the news section. Secondly, there is no direct connection between comment and reaction(s), like on chessvibes. I won't go there. 
It IS directly connected with tea news section, and if Chess com implements  the «sub threads» which is easy to do, there will be a direct connection between comments and reactions.
You said that you don't like changes.
Imagine how many people who face a lot of significant changes during a lifetime.
Should we really be so conservative that we cannot tolerate such a little change?
I think  its important to tolerate changes, because all of us will go through many changes in our lives, sometimes  very difficult changes. 
To post comments on another site is NOT among the difficult changes in life. 
We should be old enough to know that.
Grandma's picture

Thanks, Peter! :-)

Frits Fritschy's picture

I don't mind being counted and I accept advertising, and I didn't write anything else before, check it.
What I meant saying was that the quality of a website is not defined by the amount of colours and gadgets (avatars, emoticons, diamond users, flags) it uses, but by the use of decent typography and a clear lay-out, and above all by having an inviting structure. Three elements I miss in chess.com as it was after the chessvibes buy-out was announced, and as it still is. 'Let us wait and see': that's what we have been doing for about eight months.
About my comparison with a pensioner's home - weren't you asking Thomas something about his sense of humour?
You also have to log in at chessvibes with a valid e-mail address. The main problem here is that it appears to be possible to use the same address for multiple handles.
I think an edit option on a forum is just bad. You should think before you write and if really necessary, you can send a reply to yourself here for corrections. It's not just about spelling. If you make a serious mistake in a comment, you should apologize; you should not have the option 'to change history' by editing it away. It's a bit like the despicable habit of some public figures who want to have the option to edit the interviews they had.
If you're really interested in what I look like, google my name + images. I wouldn't mind - I'm wearing my best hawaii shirt and I appear to be thinking... And that's the most you will know about me, because I stay away from social media.
Your quote ('My two main problems...') is a bit out of context; I reacted to someone who pointed out the separate forum section; I was not talking about the comments under the news section.
Writing that I don't like changes and what followed was just a way to express my appreciation for the work Peter has done, and the fun I had with occasionally crossing swords with other visitors.

If we don't meet again on this or another forum, Grandma, the best to you and your grandchildren, maybe (don't know where, don't know when) we'll meet again in some veteran tournament.

Anonymous's picture

I wouldn't mind the change if it was possible to have a conversation at chess.com, but the way the comment section is designed there, it's just a stack of unstructured comments, and that is just not interesting to read at all.

Anónimo's picture

This comment sums up better than anything I could have written my objections to the chess.com website as a place to have a conversation, with or without trolls, Grandma.

I will miss you, jim, and other contributors for sure, bronkenstein and the like often, Thomas (!) sometimes and even mother russia and all the numerous s3's around!

By the way, I once was a diamond user at chess.com. Somehow I don't long for those times, Danny Rensch's great videos notwithstanding!

Boyd Robinson's picture

Well, if I was the FIDE president or some kind of world chess organiser I would've just left it as it was, no matter what, because, what happen's when the furture generations come through the ranks of any level of chess, it'll remain much the same but new furture champions

Septimus's picture


It has been a pleasure arguing, dissenting and discussing with every single one of you, WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.

Peter, thank you for creating Chessvibes and allowing the rough and tumble to proceed without censorship.

As for me, it is time to find a new home. I am definitely not interested in posting at or visiting chess.com.

Chess.com member's picture

Some people here are confused as to discussions at Chess.com. Yes, the site has its forums, but it is also possible to leave comments under news articles themselves (though one has to be registered irrespective of where one is going to post).

Anónimo's picture

I am just copying the anonymous comment as a reply: "I wouldn't mind the change if it was possible to have a conversation at chess.com, but the way the comment section is designed there, it's just a stack of unstructured comments, and that is just not interesting to read at all."

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, and here is the typical level:

13 hours ago · Quote · #21 bakenbaken
13 hours ago · Quote · #22 password_61
hello first page
13 hours ago · Quote · #23 kwrhokie
13 hours ago · Quote · #24 Salmanz
13 hours ago · Quote · #25 KNIGHTHORSE6729
yes it is
13 hours ago · Quote · #26 piscivore
13 hours ago · Quote · #27 Areez10
Salmanz wrote:-
Assalam-o-Alaikum, Salmanz! Kya haal he?

Chess.com member's picture

Anonymous, that's a blatant lie. Since this a news site, here is an example of a discussion under a news article on Chess.com


It has nothing to do with your "typical level".

Anonymous's picture

It's not a discussion. It's a collection of rather uninteresting remarks---nice trip, his short pants, did he fart, names in 'ian'---without any structure. The simple stacking of comments does not encourage discussion.

Anonymous's picture

Agree, it is also what I typical see on chess.com. Well, we can always hope that Peter's articles will be exceptions.

Anonymous's picture

It is a lie? One can easily check that it is not. This is just a random copy of some comments on the daily puzzle page, which is probably the most frequently used page on chess.com. I have seen no serious discussions on chess.com, not even on the page you indicate. Coming here was fun, at chess.com, not so much...

Bronkenstein's picture

At first I wanted to say shortly ˝I hope you´ll be back on day, Peter˝, but IIRC last year I wished you luck with chess.com, and these 2 might somewhat contradict each other. So I won´t say it.

Well, at least it was fun while it lasted =)

Cantankerous's picture

"This also means that readers won't be able to leave comments anymore on ChessVibes."

Absolutely great and delightful news.

Niima's picture

So long Peter, and thanks. I agree with many here that Chess.com will not be the same.

Many people start a company, sell it, enjoy themselves for a while (as you are) then start another company. I look forward to Doggers' next chess site

I will miss S3 for stirring the pot and the reactions he incited in others ;-), Thomas for over-analyzing everything to death, Bronkenstein for his balanced comments and Eadon for making me laugh.

Anonymous's picture

I also will miss the Carlsen haters, I detest the guy furiously too!

Adolfo's picture

I also suspect that some people may just dislike to have a 1200 (even if it is blitz) by their icon. The “Ad hominem” storm will be perfect. We do need anonymity as an option I guess.
I have also been a reader and user comment dropper here since this place begun, I think back in 2006 or thereabouts.
Now, a dumb question: what is the problem with leaving them both, as it is now? Don’t tell me that this carries maintenance; for otherwise it is an authoritarian hit at the CV followers, who have actually made the place as we know it (unlike anywhere else).

Nonono's picture

Chess.com is garbage. They can suck it. I mostly lurked here, but it was often entertaining with some of the lively characters around. C'est la vie. So long all. I won't be lurking at...that other place.

Michael Sz's picture

Peter thanks for creating Chessvibes

Looking forward to reading your articles at chess.com


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