June 25, 2014 10:39

Big Change Coming: Forwarding to Chess.com

A huge change is coming to ChessVibes: on Friday, June 27th we will start forwarding all news articles to Chess.com's news pages. This also means that readers won't be able to leave comments anymore on ChessVibes.

On October 3rd, 2013 we announced the big news that Chess.com had acquired ChessVibes. It was the start of a great combination, with our news reporting added to Chess.com's platform & community.

However, since then many times I was asked: "What will happen to ChessVibes?" In our original press release we wrote: "ChessVibes.com will continue to exist for several months while its archive of content is transferred to Chess.com." But that was almost nine months ago.

And, indeed, what would be the best future for ChessVibes? Should it be merged totally with Chess.com, or should it continue to exist? And in what form?

We have now decided to go for a compromise: we'll keep ChessVibes up, but clicking on the news articles will lead you to Chess.com's version of the article. So, for example, if you are on the ChessVibes homepage, and you click on “Three-day Tour Carlsen (& Aronian) Through Armenia”, you will end up here. (Note that old articles will stay online here; only articles published after June 27th will link to Chess.com.)

That's not a big deal actually: the content will be exactly the same, only the location is different. The site design is different, and perhaps less attractive to some of our readers, but in fact very soon Chess.com's design will be significantly changed, and yes, it will look more like ChessVibes actually!

The biggest change will be the comments section - since you'll be reading the news on Chess.com, there is no way anymore to leave a comment here on ChessVibes. Obviously we gladly invite you to create a free account on Chess.com, where you can pick your own username, so you can still remain more or less anonymous and join the discussion under the articles there.

I hope that everyone here who has always contributed in a positive way to the debate, will join me at Chess.com. We're in this together. ;-)

All the best,

Peter Doggers

We'll start forwarding you to Chess.com from Friday, June 27th, 2014. Again, to leave comment (or to play chess!) on Chess.com you only need to create a FREE account once.


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Author: Peter Doggers


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Carlsen is lucky!
Carlsen is the greatest thing since ice cubes!
Kramnik is the best!
Kramnik is not a real champion!
Fischer is the greatest!
Down with FIDE!
The FIDE world champions were crap!
Kramnik didn't give Kasparov a rematch!

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Anonymous's picture

wow, you captured it succinctly. Now if could make it rhyme :-)

Corinne's picture

Bye bye chessvibes! Thank you for the news during the last 2 years. I will not sign to chess.com as I do not like America in any shape or form.

Chessbase is the site that I will follow now. Good luck with the Americans Peter . . .

Bye bye

RG13's picture

@ Corinne

re: "I do not like America in any shape or form"

Do you at least like the games left by Morphy and Fischer? They weren't all that bad you know.

Bonnerjee's picture

Dear Members from Chessvibes,
Thanks a lot for severals year of excellent chessnews, reviews, studies etc ... beside the chessfunboys, i enjoyed it a lot!

Bye Bye!

BS's picture

i really liked chessvibes it has been my number one site for chess news reviews and a bit of banter.
Maybe joining chess.com will be interesting, but i suspect that losing the instant open access will lose something, those chess forums I am in which require signing in seem a lot less dynamic.
Still perhaps the quality will be better.

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Obviously the spam filter has become completey silly now, so I could not leave my last (completely harmless) post here.

So only three points of advice:
- make the news section the prominent header of chess com if you want to attract chessvibes users at all
- make indented answers so comments possible if you really want vivid user exchange
- urgently rework the bad structure and even more bad graphical layout of chess com

GN's picture

This site is about only chess news site not blocked by my employer because it is not classed as a site for playing games. chess.com is such a site so now I cannot read chess news updates in my lunch break. SO, very bad news fro me. Goodbye!

observer's picture

Harmless comment of mine blocked, too.
So, just briefly:
I believe the only way to make to make Chess.com a reasonable forum (and thus retain a fair proportion of Chessvibes commenters) is to introduce voting (I won't be holding my breath however).
If this is not done, I believe few here will transfer and all that will happen is Chessvibes forum being lost. Which will mean a big drop in overall visitor numbers to Chess.com & Chessvibes combined.
Which makes it a very bad move.


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