October 12, 2013 15:33

Chess verdict

Chess Verdict

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Author: Jose Diaz


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I'm laughing so hard right now.

S's picture

I'm confused now...
What does this mean?
Why is Ponomariov the judge?
And who is that block he is slamming his hammer on?

the real S3's picture

You are always confused. Even about your nickname.

The block is Gelfand who drew with Pono in the last round of the GP. Even if you didn't recognize him you should have figured it out.

Simon's picture

After the last round of the Grand Prix, Ponomariov expressed how he felt like he was the one to decide who got a ticket to the Candidates. His block is Gelfand, who won the event along with Caruana. If Ponomariov had won the game, Caruana would have finished clear first and beaten Mamedyarov in the final GP standings.

vlad's picture

Mamedyarov looks like imbecile...

S3's picture

That is because Diaz makes perfect cartoons. You can not mistaken Mamedyarov for someone else.

:*)'s picture

mammy looks like he has downs.

Anonymous's picture

It's bad

A.S.'s picture

"1/2" is wrong... It should say "0,5-0,5"

Anonymous's picture

Haha good one

Anonymous's picture

Absolutely awesome, as ever

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