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BREAKING: Kasparov announces candidacy for FIDE President

On Monday night in Tallinn (Estonia) Garry Kasparov announced his candidacy for the 2014 FIDE Presidential Elections. The 13th World Champion aims to "revitalize FIDE with a focus on serving the national federations and raising the commercial profile of chess worldwide." Among Kasparov's team members are the current FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong, and chess maecenas Rex Sinquefield of St Louis.

Photo tweeted by Kasparov

Garry Kasparov announced his candidacy for FIDE President on Monday night at a special reception in the ballroom of the Swissôtel Tallinn, in Estonia's capital, where the 84th FIDE Congress is currently taking place. In front of over a hundred delegates and (FIDE) officials, Kasparov proudly presented his team which consists of members from the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 

In his speech, Kasparov said he made the decision to "return to chess" to try to

...elevate our game back to the very high level in the public mind, where I think it belongs.

Kasparov showed lots of images from films and artwork to make clear how much the royal game is embedded in our culture. He said:

We have to bring the chess world and the outside world together. I feel I can do it. We have to create an interface, and this interface is the World Chess Federation.

Kasparov called his team members a "dream team" (more info below), and had all of them giving a speech as well (Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed and Rex Sinquefield via a pre-recorded video). Afrika Msimang of South Africa, who is the President of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa, made a strong impression with the start of her speech, directed at FIDE.

Imagine for a moment... I think it was about four years ago, around this time, when Africa was promised to be the continent that would be given a chance to develop its chess program. Africa was promised that it would be given about 400,000 Euros annually for the next four years for chess development. The patient continent of Africa is still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.

The whole room was silent.

Afrika Msimang

Earlier on Monday, at the start of the FIDE Executive Board meeting, reigning FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov gave an opening speech that lasted over an hour. As usual, he took the opportunity to include a few personal remarks and this time they were all related to next year's FIDE elections. For example:

I was not sure if I wanted to run for president again.

The FIDE Executive Board on Monday in Tallinn, Estonia

Ilyumzhinov stressed that among the people who supported him in 1994 to become the leader of FIDE were Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov. He also mentioned that he spent millions of dollars of his own money on chess, "without regretting anything". Ilyumzhinov said he wasn't looking forward to having to spend money on campaigning, and he seemed to be against the whole idea of having elections in the first place.

It's not good for the stability of chess. And this money should go to chess in schools programs.

He added:

I am happy to sign a cheque of one million for Chess in Schools right now.

Ilyumzhinov giving his speech, Kasparov in the audience (as delegate for Croatia)

Until the end of his speech, Ilyumzhinov remained vague about his candidacy. But right after he finished, he was asked by FIDE Honorary Vice-President Vanik Zakarian whether he was running for President again, "yes or no". After some smiles and jokes, Ilyumzhinov eventually said:

The answer is yes.

The FIDE President then welcomed Kasparov, and subtly repeated that the 13th World Champion was among his supporters in 1994.

Below you can se Ilyumzhinov's speech in full, filmed by Sevan Muradian:

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has been the head of FIDE since 1995. His reign has always been controversial; the way he was described in a recent Economist (!) article says enough:

Its boss since 1995 has been Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who also ran Kalmykia, one of Russia’s poorest regions, until 2010. That year Mr Ilyumzhinov said he was once contacted by aliens; in 2011 he played chess with Muammar Qaddafi.

Three years ago, in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia he defeated Anatoly Karpov convincingly with a 95 to 55 vote. Four years earlier, in 2006 in Torino, Italy Ilyumzhinov beat Bessel Kok 96-54. Before that, Ilyumzhinov also defeated GM Jaime Sunye Neto of Brazil with a 87-46 score.

Below you can find more information about Kasparov's Candidacy provided to us by the Kasparov2014 campaign team.

The Kasparov 2014 Team

Garry Kasparov (Soviet Union, 1963)

Born on April 13, 1963 in Baku, Azerbaijan, USSR

World Junior Chess Champion in 1980.

Crowned 13th World Chess Champion in 1985.

Was the #1-rated player in the world for 20 consecutive years, until his retirement from professional chess in 2005.

Winner of eight Chess Olympiads.

Winner of 11 Chess Oscars.

Played first elite match of rapid chess in 1987, which was televised live.

First to perform sessions of timed simultaneous play against entire national Olympiad teams, with a record of 11-0 in these matches.

Played two world-famous “Man vs. Machine” matches against the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue in 1996 and 1997, which set a record for online viewing.

First to play and win a match of computer-assisted Advanced Chess in 1998.

Won the first-ever internet mass-participation game “Kasparov vs. the World” in 1999, organized with Microsoft and lasting four months with 3 million viewers and over 58,000 participants from 75 countries.

He is the author of over 20 popular chess books. Among them, “The Test of Time”, “Unlimited Challenge”, the five-volume series “My Great Predecessors”, and the three-volume autobiographical series “Kasparov on Kasparov”.

In the past several years Kasparov has given more than 100 lectures and seminars on leadership, strategy, and innovation to hosts including Google, IBM, Facebook, General Electric and Fujitsu. His 2007 bestselling book on decision-making, “How Life Imitates Chess”, has been translated into over 20 languages.

Since 2002, Kasparov has actively promoted the introduction of chess into education systems worldwide through the rapidly expanding network of the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

In 2007, Garry Kasparov was named to the list of ‘100 Living Geniuses’, as compiled by the international consulting company Creators Synectics, and to the ‘TIME 100 Most Influential People’ list.

Jan Callewaert (1956, Belgium)

Jan Callewaert is the co-founder and President of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe and a driving force. An avid chess player, Jan is passionate about bringing the numerous benefits of chess to as many people as possible by using new technologies and by introducing business management principles to

He is the founder of Option NV, a global player in the wireless industry. He was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2005 and is considered a role model for young entrepreneurs. Jan has extensive business experience, a global network of contacts and is a born team leader and motivator.
He graduated in engineering and philosophy from the University of Leuven (KUL, Belgium – his Alma Mater), travels extensively and speaks several languages including English, French, German and Dutch.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Hamed (1959, United Arab Emirates)

Sheikh Mohammed’s broad educational and military background prepared him for an extraordinary career in business and investing. He graduated from the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy and received degrees from the Jordanian and British Command and Staff Colleges before acquiring his Master’s in Administrative and Military Sciences. He held command positions in the Presidential Guard Brigade Command, Ground Forces Command, Special Operations Forces, and General Command before retiring as a Staff Colonel.

Sheikh Mohammed is a prominent businessman who owns many companies that specialize in trade and general transport. He also represents international companies focusing on oil, trade, defense, and aviation. He has business and investments in the industrial, real estate, and tourism sectors. He owns the five-star hotels Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai, Sheraton Khalidiya Hotel Abu Dhabi, and Sheraton Hotel in Al Ain and a number of malls, including the Al Ain Mall. He has extensive real estate projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Mohammed has a long-standing passion for chess and his Educational Foundation promotes and conducts chess programs in numerous Abu Dhabi schools.

Ignatius Leong (1956, Singapore)

Awarded the titles of International Arbiter (1979), International Organiser (1995) and FIDE Senior Trainer (2004).

President, Singapore Chess Federation (2007-2015) and Founding President, ASEAN Chess Confederation (2000-2015). FIDE Vice President (2002-2006), FIDE General Secretary (2005- 2014).

Currently the FIDE Calendar Administrator, Chairman of the FIDE Central Board of Commissions and Chairman of the FIDE Qualification Commission.

Chief Arbiter in numerous competitions; e. g., Chess Olympiad 2004 & 2008, World Cup 2000 & 2013.

Afrika Msimang (1969, Republic of South Africa)

President of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa.

As a social activist and a policy analyst, Ms Afrika Msimang engages with industry, communities and government to ensure sustainable community development. She is zealous in her efforts

to remove dependency from donors and create in communities ownership of development initiatives. Afrika has also served as a development officer for CHESSA in the Free State province. She has served as a trustee member of Moves for Life, a chess organization that enjoys the patronage of South Africa's President, Jacob Zuma.

Afrika also enjoyed a teaching post as a political science lecturer at the University of Pretoria. She has served as a civil servant in several spheres of government, including a position as a strategic advisor to the mayor of the country's capital city.

Afrika is also the chairperson of the South African Air Force Spouses Forum. She works for Anglo American Inyosi Coal as a stakeholder relations and community development executive. Afrika holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Rex Sinquefield (1944, USA)

Rex was raised in an orphanage, Saint Vincent Home for Children in Saint Louis. He graduated from Saint Louis University with a business degree and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Rex formed Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) in 1981 along with associate David Booth, which today oversees more than $300 billion in assets worldwide.

In 2008, Rex founded the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL). In September 2011, Rex funded the relocation of the World Chess Hall of Fame to Saint Louis.

Sponsor for U.S. Chess since the CCSCSL opened: U.S. Championships and U.S. Women’s Championships at CCSCSL (2009–2013), U.S. Junior Closed Championships at CCSCSL (2010–2013).

Sponsored the U.S. teams for numerous international events: World Team Championships (2009 and 2011), World Chess Olympiad (2010), Pan-American Team Championship (2013) and the Sinquefield Cup Super Tournament (2013).

Recipient of the United States Chess Federation’s Gold Koltanowski award that is given to the person who does the most to further chess in the United States (2009–2013).

Inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame for Chess (2011).


Team Kasparov – Global Leadership

Why Team Kasparov?

Garry Kasparov:

Throughout my chess career I sought out new challenges to bring the game of chess to new heights around the world. My mission remains the same as I aim for the presidency of FIDE, the International Chess Federation. My team and I will revitalize FIDE with a focus on serving the national federations and raising the commercial profile of chess worldwide. We will lead with the same energy and fighting spirit I had at the board.

I am honored to be joined by a remarkable team. Several members have dedicated their lives to chess and are without a doubt some of the most experienced and respected individuals in our sport. Others have entered the chess world to share the expertise and resources they acquired while achieving great success in other fields. It is an ideal combination of perspectives, knowledge, and passion.

Six Winning Moves

1. FIDE will be transparent – FIDE will be a transparent organiza- tion that serves and supports the national federations. There will be an increase in communication and information shared between FIDE and the federations in order to make the FIDE Secretariat more effective and responsive. There will be consistency in the bidding processes for FIDE events.

2. FIDE will be supportive – The national federations will prosper as FIDE prospers. FIDE should provide for its members instead of being supported by them.

  • Reduce membership fees by 50% immediately.
  • 25% reduction per year of all other fees.

3. FIDE will be well-funded – FIDE finances greatly undervalue the global potential of chess. This will change:

  • Increase the FIDE budget by 100% in the next two years via corporate sponsorship.
  • Increase revenue through commercial sponsorship by reorganizing FIDE with a professional marketing approach that will make chess and the FIDE brand attractive to corporate and public sponsors.

4. FIDE will develop – A universal rating system is a vital core of an international sports federation. In this FIDE is far behind other sports. FIDE will address this and also expand online services:

  • A universal rating system will include every game of chess played on the planet, from world championship matches to online blitz. It will serve as the portal to unite tens of millions of players and will become an attractive advertising and sponsorship asset.
  • FIDE must provide benefits to the huge base of chessplayers, not just serve the elite. It can do this by offering services to the federa- tions such as online news and training, a social media platform, direct support for organizers and journalists, and assistance with fundraising and finding sponsorship.

5.FIDE will educate – The power of chess in education is immense and FIDE will become the natural hub of chess in education:

  • Develop the next generation of chessplayers around the world by promoting and establishing chess-in-education programs. FIDE will work to have chess included in school curricula worldwide to build a strong foundation for the global development of our sport and improve education standards across the globe.
  • Create and encourage programs and research on chess-in-education at every grade and into adulthood. The many positive benefits of chess, especially for kids and seniors, should be documented and promoted.
  • The experience of the Kasparov Chess Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars for chess-in-education programs worldwide, has demonstrated the enthusiasm for these programs at both public and private institutions. This expertise will be at the service of FIDE and the international chess federation will take the lead in bringing chess into every classroom.

6. FIDE will regulate – FIDE will review the regulations to protect the integrity of chess:

  • Collaborate with players and organizers on a common-sense implementation of the zero-tolerance rule that will preserve dignity and professionalism.
  • Take immediate steps to develop, test, and implement strong anti-cheating measures, including severe penalties for violators.
  • Adopt anti-short-draw rules to preserve the integrity of the game and to improve the image of chess as a sport worthy of greater media attention and commercial sponsorship.

You can find more info about Kasparov's campaign on www.kasparov2014.com.

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Author: Peter Doggers


the real S3's picture

Let's pray to our God(s) he will fail!
Hurray for Kirsan!

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french fries1's picture

super LOL S3, where's your buddy thomas oliver? :P

Chris's picture

i hope that people are no so crazy to elect Kasparov

slymnlts's picture

What happened to Karpov? I thought Karpov would be a candidate again, and Kasparov would be supporting him all the way, as it happened last time. Kasparov might be an excellent president, but I doubt that he will devote his entire time to chess and his presidency in the office; he is too much involved in politics and in business world, like giving pricey lectures, talks to companies all around the world (about leadership, strategy etc...). What the chess world really needs is a a president giving all his effort and %100 concentration to his term in the office (for this reason only, Karpov would a better pick than Kasparov), and whoever manages to get chess in summer Olympics is eventually destined to be the one who will have done the greatest favor to the chess world.

observer's picture

Karpov was useless last time - he did nothing. Kasparov did all the work behind the scenes. And now Karpov in a Putin representative in the Russian parliament...
And being such, he could hardly give 100% concentration either.

Heinz's picture

Why is he claiming that the rating system in chess is far behind those in other sports? I believe that the rating system in chess is really good, and starting to mess with that seems like a very risky project.

Anonymous's picture

Karpov is secretly on Kasparovs team and will be shown as soon as Kasparov is elected.

Anonymous's picture

"for the next for years"
...chess.com level is creeping in.

Tarjei's picture

Congrats! You found a spelling error! He missed a u! Execution NOW!

Ivanov's picture

I do not see any innovation offered by Kasparov. He sounds like Danailov "I will bring corporate sponsorship" but correct me if I am wrong he found zero so far.
Better would have been to say "I have secured this and that company".
Honestly, with the WCC in Chennai and before in Moscow each bringing millions to the players, what is more to desire? FIDE was bad 10 years ago, now seems recovered and progressing. Why didn't Kasparov enter then, rather now when things are fine?

Ruben's picture

You are right about that Ivanov but not about your cheating!

RG13's picture

Well he has the very wealthy Rex Sinquefield on his team who is a well known chess patron. So Rex can sponsor things himself if necessary.

calvin amari 's picture

The subtext of the "team" seems to have escaped you. The financial goals of the platform are already in hand should Garry win.

Frits Fritschy's picture

I don't want to discuss Kasparov's reform ideas, or his leadership qualities, or his ideas on democracy, or his choice of a team, but this is not a thing that's gonna happen. Even when Our Present Leader has forgotten how to rig an election, the Russian government has not. And even with the very remote possibility that he will succeed, will Putin congratulate him with his victory? Will Kasparov forget his role as political opposition leader in Russia for the benefit of the chess community? It's more likely that Barack Obama will replace Ban Ki Moon at the UN when his term is over.
So for once I agree with Ilyumzhimov: this is a waste of time and money.

TMM's picture

Actually, who knows what Putin thinks about this... If Kasparov becomes head of FIDE, he will not have as much time to oppose Putin, and so Putin will have an easier time to manage the country. So maybe Putin even supports Kasparov for head of FIDE, if only to get rid of him.

Chris's picture

It is a play only. Small mistification. That has to be more then 1 candidate to make elections quasi real . Karpov, Kasparov, Kirsan are from the same country.

Anthony Migchels's picture

well, that's a 'surprise'..........we will await all this with trepidation..........

Gadaffi ruled over the best led country of Africa, leaving Libya in affluence, after it had been a nation of tent dwellers when he took over.

Of course the country was completely destroyed, before he was insanely brutally murdered with the help of NATO. The country is now back in the stone ages, and faces partition and civil war. The so called 'rebels' that killed him after his forces and cities were bombed to smithereens under the guise of a 'no-fly zone' murdered thousands of black workers because they were black after winning the war.

Next they moved on to Syria, where they are now eating the organs of those they murder, while destroying the invaluable heritage of all human kind that has survived for thousands of years in Syria. Aleppo is gone, as is Homs.

Kasparov was calling for war on Assad, even when only 9% of Americans wanted it and Obama was forced a humiliating retreat by consulting Congress, in the face of massive world wide opposition after the utterly blatant false flag chemical attack. Warmonger Kasparov also infamously defended the (Zionist/Nato inspired) Georgian assault on Russia, a few years back.

Considering this track record and what Kasparov already managed to do to FIDE (almost destroy it) in the nineties...........

Kirsan's greatest shadow is that dead journalist and that's probably even worse (if he's really behind that murder) than Kasparov's warmongering, but he served FIDE well.

Ah well, politics! Always a nice show!

the real S3's picture

Anthony I am confused. How did the workers get black winning the war?

Ruben's picture

I hope this trouble maker will not become the presdent of Fide. Don t we remember the Pussy Raid? And the arestments all the time to get in the news? Don t we remember the PCA and the seperation of the chess world? People easy forget.

Anonymous's picture

Being a trouble maker against the spreading fascism in Russia is one thing though, the worst thing he has done is hardly being beaten up for questioning two years in prison camp for some young girls pretending to sing in the church.

Ruben's picture

If you want to find fasisme in the world you can it more easy in for example: France ( Le Pen ) Belgium ( De Winter ) Holland ( Wilders ) and in the USA ( the Republicans ) Putin is fighting the voilelation of human rights in Holland and As a Dutch I am very happy about that! Why have sympaty for some stupid punkrockers that " sing " in a church have public sex and become pregant etc and hurting feelings of religios people in their church. Not that I am a believer. I am Ateist but even then I think respect is importent and they simply broke the law.
In Germany also stand two years for dissturbing a cermony. So it is what you can espect if you behave so inresponsble. As Special if you take in mind to be a mother. Bah a shame.

Anonymous's picture

"Putin is fighting the voilelation of human rights"

If that's how you see it I can understand why you are upset by Kasparov's outrageous behaviour in being beaten up while giving an interview about the trial.

Ruben's picture

Everything is just fine now with the chessworld letting him in ( Kasparov ) is to let in the Throyen Horse.
And he will destroy everything again. Be smart don t !

dave_the_valiant's picture

Now why on Earth would anyone be less then content with a leader who says he road shotgun on on a joyride with space aliens?

kavin's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Someone needs a better spam filter.

hotwax's picture

Gary ought to hire a graphic designer to add some swag to his powerpoint. Looks like something a kid put together... Still hope he makes it though. Can't believe Kok and Karpov lost by such a huge margin.

TVsuperstar's picture

They should just play a chess boxing match and let that decie the whole thing.

Jim's picture

As much as I respect Kasparov as a player, I honestly think I might prefer Kirsan as FIDE president. The chess world should be scared of making Kasparov officially king.

Claude's picture

Getting Ignatius Leong, formerly a member of Kirsan's gang on his side is a big win for Kasparov, he should bring a whole lot of asian votes with him,

If he doesn't turn out to be another Vladimirov that is ;-)

I don't remember all the details but there was quite a misterious story when Leong was on Bachar Kouatly's ticket during the 1994 elections in Moscow. He kind of disappeared, was said to be kidnapped or threatened to be beaten up?

Anyone got his chess magazines from these days close to hand to look it up?

TMM's picture

Indeed, Kasparov does seem to have a strong team this time. I'm not sure how well-known this Afrika is, but it looks like she may also be able to raise support in Africa. Add to that the big-money guys and it seems like Kasparov may actually have a chance.

Thomas Oliver's picture

I am certainly not a Kirsan fan, but I also have mixed feelings about Kasparov. Maybe he (or last time Karpov on his behalf) should get a chance and would at least be the lesser evil, but not necessarily great. I doubt that his "six moves" are really winning:
- "Reduce membership fees by 50% immediately": hmm, what would we think about a political party proposing/promising an immediate 50% tax cut?
- "A universal rating system": seriously, one and the same system for classical chess and online blitz? For one thing, the charm of online blitz is partly that players, including world-top GMs, can play without worrying about their 'official' rating. In running, would anyone want a system that gives equal prominence from 100m to marathon (maybe not even longer distances as Kasparov doesn't mention correspondence chess)?

But the main issue I have with him and one of his team members are particularly close ties with single world-top players: Kasparov is known as a Carlsen fan and doesn't particularly like Kramnik, Sinquefield has clear ties with Nakamura. It's not as blatantly obvious as for Danailov who should at least have ceased to be Topalov's manager after becoming ECU president (he didn't), but can still lead to conflicts of interest - if not real ones, than possible, potential or perceived ones. For the record: I would make similar remarks if Oleg Skvortsov (friend of Kramnik and sponsor of his match against Aronian) or Andrey Filatov (friend of Gelfand and sponsor of the WCh match) ran for office - but it may not be needed because this wouldn't be presented as top story and "BREAKING news".

Which brings me to the article itself: Even if sarcastic remarks about Ilyumzhinov are justified, the entire article reads as if it was written by team Kasparov. About half of it actually is - directly copied from the Kasparov campaign site. IMO there's no need to give detailed self-promoting CVs - names of his team members and a link to the campaign site would be enough, and better in terms of objective coverage.

A relatively minor point is: Is chess politics really more important than chess itself? Peter Doggers hinted that he has limited time to cover three ongoing supertournaments (so far understandable, I have the same problem), but .. " your editor-in-chief travelling to Estonia to cover even bigger news": Is 'this' (where he had advance knowledge) really 'bigger news'?

Coco Loco's picture

Your issue with Kasparov seems to be that he doesn't like Kramnik as much as you do. (He did contribute more than anyone else to Kramnik winning the title, though.)

So, yeah, Peter... what's the big deal? Looks like Kirsan is a popular president, he keeps winning these elections by large margins, etc. Such a waste of time and money... Think about it, 80 votes, let's say, at even just an average price of $5,000, comes out to $400,000. That's more than one of my Rolls Royce's!

Greco's picture

I would certainly want a Rolls Royce...Say can u spare one??

RG13's picture

Kirsan does not win because he is popular, the election gives one vote to each national federation regardless of the number of players within it. The representatives of the small federations are openly given expensive gifts at election time ... and there are more small federations than large ones. If these bribes are being bankrolled by Russia then the only chance for change would be for the U.S. and Germany to conspire to outbid Russia.

Anonymous's picture

"Kasparov is known as a Carlsen fan"

You could have summed up why you are against Kasparov with that short sentence.

Ruben's picture

He is no real Carlsen fan. He is just jalous and stimulate him to step out the Candidates otherwise he was WC allready.

Claude's picture

"particularly close ties, fan, rich friends"??

This is just ridiculous.

Where will you find a top player who doesn't have fans or rich friends either in the current FIDE leadership or in the entourage of team Kasparov?

Where will you find a suitable FIDE president or leader who is either friend with all top chess players or doesn't have a history of working with or for a federation, team or top player?

Andrew Paulson? Yeah right, big success story.

RdC's picture

Whilst Andrew Paulson seem to have disappeared from world chess publicity, not least from Kasparov's statement, he has reappeared as a candidate for President of the English Chess Federation. His opponent speculates that his (Paulson's) ultimate objective is the FIDE presidency.

Anonymous's picture

Go Kasparov!!
The world will accept you as a great FIDE President! And you will do great things for chess! No doubt about that!

Para's picture

Kasparov passion for chess is evident and I'm sure he will do a good job. Chess has great potential because it is a unique game that has no equals and will last on for centuries.

calvin amari 's picture

Given that the Russian Federation and government ran roughshod over Karpov in his effort to remove the Kirsan albatross from the neck of chess, one must assume that the Russians this time will engage in any means necessary to stop Garry ....

observer's picture

No wonder he fled from Russia - he must have had this in mind.

Anil Philip's picture

This is a dream team and after the election it will remain as dream team. Nobody except Kasparov not known to the chess world.

Annemarie's picture

Geweldig dat je daar bij kunt zijn! Onze hele familie is trots op je!

King's picture

Broke away from FIDE... contributed to the great schism which took more than a decade to heal... started PCA and then fought with too... and now running for FIDE president! - This man always needs to be in opposition with something or someone... FIDE, KIRSAN, PCA, PUTIN... He is defined by his enemies! Strongest Chess Player ever... no doubt, but not very sensible. Gotta learn humility from Anand.

Ruben's picture

yes he was the best player but also harm the chessworld with his PCA and spit it in two.
No it is just Anand who is the hero and because him we have one chessworld again. Kasparov will split it up again because he is like that. He has many enemies making more and as a trouble maker will crew the hole thing up again. No singel doubt about that. A great chessplayer but a difficult charakter.

Daniel's picture

Kasparov has shown from his track record he has an opinion of how things should work, like it or not?, I think he has more to loose if he doesn't deliver top performance as Fide president, I think he would do well as Fide president


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