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Author: Jose Diaz


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Dear Jose'

Tata steel has group B as well.

A Chess Fan

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yeah with all due respect but C group is like paralympics - noone cares

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This year the group C was cancelled. It seems that despite having many strong players and multiple exiting games in each round no one cared about the group B.

Chess is such as elitist game......

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you for sure doesn't care about group C because they was no group C this year !!!

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And group C, but in the elite no one cares about that!!!

Andy's picture

haha Aronian is a blue superhero!
Excellent!!!! :D

Anonymous's picture

Why is he blue? And what is Loek taking? I know he won the last game with Bd4 check.
It is not very clear to me. Also not why the cup is big for a reason. Can someone explane it.
Don t understand the Cartoon.

Anonymous's picture

Aronian is blue like FANTOMAS ( famous french stuff )


Anonymous's picture

With the M of mephisto ?

Morley's picture

Love van Wely stealing Lev's wallet on his way out with the trophy :-)

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Thanks for pointing out that it's actually a wallet :)

Anonymous's picture

look more like matthew sadler ?? than lev

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This is awesome! As usual, lots of grumpy people venting spleen, but just wanted to let you know that the work is really appreciated!
RS - i dont know what you mean really, the Challengers group was very well covered in the chess media this year and you cant expect a fresh cartoon for every single tournament! Feels like you're looking for problems where there aren't any!

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Aronian makes a superb Megamind http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megamind

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