March 16, 2014 23:12

Surprise Me!

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Author: Jose Diaz


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Poor Topa, drawn as a squid. LOL

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Obviously it's Octo, Spongebob's neighbour!

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Pufferfish can be lethal if not served properly. Puffer poisoning usually results from consumption of incorrectly prepared puffer soup, fugu chiri, or occasionally from raw puffer meat, sashimi fugu.

While chiri is much more likely to cause death, sashimi fugu often causes intoxication, light-headedness, and numbness of the lips, and is often eaten for this reason.

Pufferfish tetrodotoxin deadens the tongue and lips, and induces dizziness and vomiting, followed by numbness and prickling over the body, rapid heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and muscle paralysis. The toxin paralyzes diaphragm muscles and stops the person who has ingested it from breathing.

People who live longer than 24 hours typically survive, although possibly after a coma lasting several days.

I hope Magnus's seconds are really good at what they do :

Fugu chefs must also earn a license to prepare and sell fugu to the public. This involves a two- or three-year apprenticeship. The licensing examination process consists of a written test, a fish-identification test, and a practical test, preparing and eating the fish. Only about 35 percent of the applicants pass.

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Yes... there was a GM who trained to be a chef, but had a mishap when someone died after eating his fugu fish. Tragic!

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Topalov as the SpongeBob friend Squidward is the must!

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Topalov's expression is priceless !!

IF Anand can play the way he has so far in the tmt then he can atleast be a stronger and more confident challenger to MC

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It is still not over yet. I think Aronian still has chance to win this.

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I both think, and hope, Kramnik will be challenger.

If anyone might pose a real threat to Carlsen it would be him. It would, at least, be an intersting match given their history of hard fought games.

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So far he's won his white game and had three draws as black, one after finding a miracle defense. Looking really good.

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Of course I'm not so much rooting that Kramnik will become champion, more that there'll be a tough and interesting contest that is a true challenge to Carlsen.

Among the candidates: Aronian is something of a client, Svidler has a good record on paper (but a little like Spassky's good record against Fischer before the match imho), Andreikin or Mamedyarov? please, Karjakin hasn't shown much against Carlsen and we saw what Anand could do last time. And Topalov? Oh the humanity!

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I like the crocodile bib!! ;)

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But what is the hand-picker doing up there? His days are gone! ;)

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Go anand

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Vishy's game showed quality the other day. Many of these 2750+ guys lack this quality and depth. The prob with vishy is he is not that consistant as he was before. May be age is a factor. If he wins this torney probably we can assume he is back in form. However even that is too not sufficient to attack Carlsen. Lets see.

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No doubt Anand wiil have a good tourney, given the way he has played so far, but his energy will surely drop. If the rest just implode before him he might just be the next challenger. I doubt it though, lets see how he handles bad positions.

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I am very curious to know why topalov is drawn as a squid here?

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I suppose Magnus wanting his opponent "raw" refers to G-Star Raw. The only thing missing is Magnus' orange juice with his dinner.

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I find that it's best to disguise veggies using some popular motif when serving a young champion, but in this case, it looks like unwanted parsley compared to the sweetbreads and sweetmeats on the menu.

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I wonder if the artist is trying to convey that Magnus considers his opposition to be mere fish, or was that just incidental.

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Vishy is a great one in the history of chess, I deeply respect the player and the person, but if he wins this, I highly doubt he could go past Magnus EVER in his life again. Wishing him even victory on this one, my personal preference would be a next Magnus vs. Levon WCh contendership, but of course if the Armenian plays like he did today against round 6th Andreikin, then, after all the solider first comer deserves the shot, which I absolutely don't mind, why not Vishy again.
Bottom line is that Vishy, Levon, Vlado, Fabiano, these guys are such fukn good chess players I wouldn't wanna exclude anyone :-D

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hahaha, one of the best Diaz cartoons so far

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Very good cartoon lol

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Nice setup cartoon for whatever happens next in the tournament.
Why is the FIDE text backwards?

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because; Raw is War

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FIDE is backwards because it is on the entrance of the fish restaurant.

It looks like the cartoon is spot on, Anand is coasting to a win.

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Prophetic cartoon, although I wouldn't stick a fork in Vishy for the rematch with Carlsen just yet...

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