May 11, 2014 20:24

Another Job Done!

© 2014, José Diaz




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Author: Jose Diaz


RG13's picture

So Thor is a king now? What about Odin?!

boardgame's picture

He hurt both of his thumbs trying to nail the Shamkir Chess Tournament.

PeterV's picture

Thanks, boardgame

Anon's picture

The level of detail is really nice: even the number of nails has a meaning... :-)

blade's picture

very amusing, Thor Magnus..!

Greco's picture

Hahahaha nice!

Born's picture

If it bleeds, we can kill it!

Anonymous's picture

Get to da Richta!

Brecht's picture

Will Carlsen be able to overcom Houdini's Reign??

 Anon's picture

AFAIK, Komodo is the current computer champ.

Anonymous's picture

Stockfish is my bet.

Al F's picture

José got the Norwegian flag a little wrong - white and blue should switch places. But a good laugh anyway :-D

Anonymous's picture

didnt get it

Anonymous's picture

because you didn't follow the tournament ... i mean, that would be the most obvious and nicest answer we could give in your case

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