June 02, 2014 10:18

Star-studded Norway Chess Starts Today

Today the second edition of the Norway Chess tournament takes off in Stavanger, Norway. Magnus Carlsen, Levon Aronian, Alexander Grischuk, Fabiano Caruana, Vladimir Kramnik, Veselin Topalov, Sergey Karjakin, Peter Svidler, Anish Giri and Simen Agdestein will play the tournament which, like last year, starts with a blitz tournament to determine the pairing numbers.

The second edition of the Norway Chess tournament (officially “No Logo Norway Chess” - see below) will be held 2-13 June, 2014 in the Stavanger region in Norway. Since the promotion of the region is one of the main ideas behind the tournament, again the players will be moving the pieces in different locations, but not as many as last year. Here's the schedule:

Norway Chess 2014 | Schedule

Day Date Time Event Venue
Monday 02.06.2014 17.00 Blitz Flor & Fjære – closed event
Tuesday 03.06.2014 15.30 1th round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus
Wednesday 04.06.2014 15.30 2nd round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus
Thursday 05.06.2014 15.30 3rd round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus
Friday 06.06.2014 15.30 School tournament Vitenfabrikken, Sandnes
Saturday 07.06.2014 15.30 4th round Vågen VGS, Sandnes
Sunday 08.06.2014 15.30 5th round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus
Monday 09.06.2014 15.30 6th round Aarbakke fabrikkhall, Bryne
Tuesday 10.06.2014 15.30 7th round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus
Wednesday 11.06.2014 TBA Celebrety tournament Hall Toll, Stavanger
Thursday 12.06.2014 15.30 8th round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus
Friday 13.06.2014 14.30 9th round Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus

The main hotel, where most of the games will be played, has been moved to a place between Sandnes and Stavanger: the Hotel Scandic Stavanger Forus. The blitz event will be held on the beautiful Flor & Fjære island, there will be a school tournament in the Vitenfabrikken in Sandnes, the 4th round of the main tournament will be at Vågen VGS and the 6th round at the Aarbakke factory.

More about the venues can be read here. Below is a map:

In November 2013 the second Norway Chess tournament was already confirmed. The main sponsors are Scandic, Stavanger Aftenblad, Altibox, Lyse, Aarbakke og Jadarhus. The five last of these were also sponsors for Norway Chess 2013.

Here's the full list of participants:

Norway Chess 2014 | Participants

# Name Country Born Rating World #
1 Magnus Carlsen Norway November 30, 1990 2881 1
2 Levon Aronian Armenia October 6, 1982 2815 2
3 Alexander Grischuk Russia October 31, 1983 2792 3
4 Fabiano Caruana Italy July 30, 1992 2791 5
5 Vladimir Kramnik Russia June 25, 1975 2783 6
6 Veselin Topalov Bulgaria March 15, 1975 2772 8
7 Sergey Karjakin Russia January 12, 1990 2771 9
8 Peter Svidler Russia June 17, 1976 2753 13
9 Anish Giri The Netherlands June 28, 1994 2752 14
10 Simen Agdestein Norway May 15, 1967 2628 160



Norway Chess is this year sponsored by Unibet, an online gambling company located in Malta. At first the logo could be shown due to legal restrictions, and so the organizers dubbed the tournament “No Logo Norway Chess” and added “no logo” to their logo. It was both a simple and brilliant way to deal with the situation, but meanwhile the Unibet logo has appeared on the tournament website anyway.

And there is also an article on the odds given by Unibet: apparently Carlsen's odds to win the tournament outright are set at 1,75. 


Like last year, the event starts with a blitz tournament to deternime the pairing numbers. This will be held today, Monday June 2nd, from 17:00 CET onwards. The location is the beautiful Flor & Fjære island.

The pairings for this blitz tournament have been made already - you can find them here.

Alongside the main tournament there will be an open tournament, held 6-9 June at «2020park», a real estate business park at Forus, in short walking distance from the Scandic Forus Hotel. It's a 6-round Swiss in three rating groups.


The Norway Chess tournament will be covered daily on Chess.com/TV! Here's our schedule:

Blitz: Monday, June 2nd — IM Danny Rensch, FM Mike Klein & Peter Doggers
Round 1: Tuesday, June 3rd — IM Thomas Rendle and GM Danny Gormally
Round 2: Wednesday, June 4th — GM Irina Krush and GM Melik Khachiyan
Round 3: Thursday, June 5th — GM Alex Yermolinsky and GM Ben Finegold
Round 4: Saturday, June 7th — GM Dejan Bojkov and Jason Stoneking
Round 5: Sunday, June 8th — Joshua Sampson and GM Ben Finegold
Round 6: Monday, June 9th — GM Dejan Bojkov and GM Ben Finegold
Round 7: Tuesday, June 10th — IM Danny Rensch and GM Melik Khachiyan
Round 8: Thursday, June 12th — GM Alex Yermolinsky and GM Alexander Shabalov
Round 9: Friday, June 13th — GM Simon Williams and IM Thomas Rendle

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Peter Doggers's picture
Author: Peter Doggers


Born's picture

Magnus will crush them all!

saturnz's picture

Except Giri?

sankar's picture

I would have wished to see Anand as well as pre-cursor to championship match. Anyways the line-up is impressive. Another one missing is Hikaru. I want to see a good tournament not a one-horse race :)

Anonymous's picture

There are so many great players, i do not see how we could have a bad tournament....

Grandma's picture


Yes, the line-up is impressive! :-)

Anand and Nakamura were invited to Norway Chess, but they didn't want to participate.

Maybe Anand didn't want to play Magnus on his home soil only a few months before the championship match.

I don't know.

Nakamura is preparing for the rapid and blitz championships which will take place just after Norway Chess, and this _could_ be a reason for his choice.

But the field is very strong, even without these two top players, and I hope and believe that we will get an exciting and interesting tournament here in Norway! :-)

Anonymous's picture

nakamura has a 4 game match with david navara from the 7th to the 10th of June so he couldn't make it. Nothing to do with some silly blitz or rapid event.

Thomas Richter's picture

"Nakamura has a match so he couldn't make it" rather means "Nakamura preferred a 4 game match over a supertournament" - after negotiations with both organizers. Maybe he thinks that a good result against Navara is a better way to back up his "I am the only threat to Carlsen" statement than a good or not-so-good result at Norway Chess.

Anonymous's picture
filiusdextris's picture

Why the constant acerbity?

RG13's picture

You seem to be implying that Nakamura is stupid. He knows full well that Navara couldn't even beat Hou Yifan in their short match. More likely Naka is focusing on rapid & blitz. Navara is just an easy payday.

Thomas Richter's picture

I do not imply that Nakamura is stupid - going for (probably less but at least seemingly) easy money from a match against Navara rather than playing Norway Chess might be considered smart. It just doesn't quite fit with his bold "I am the only one who can cope with Sauron". He made a choice, and certainly wasn't _obliged_ to accept the competing invitation from Prague.

Asuka's picture

Nakamura already adressed that in several interviews and said he misspoke and meant no disrespect to aronian. Why should he run like a hungry kenyan marathoner to ever tournament magnus plays in? The rating differential between nakamura and navara is currently 45 points or so; a margin that is not really statistically significant should not be used against him. You seem like an intelligent human being but your biases against certain players corrupt you reasoning.

Asuka's picture

Hmm... Follow my favorite hockey team in the Stanley cup finals plus a short payday to break things up with some low intensity games with Navara or play in a pressure cooker and face Carlsen AND Aronian AND the others. I know which one I would pick...

Remco G's picture

No story about Liechtenstein, where somebody had a great tournament and came second? :-)

Peter Doggers's picture

Hard to ignore that event indeed. Will do. :-)

Frits Fritschy's picture

Very suspicious result, of course (the best way to get attention...).

Aditya's picture

Nice result! How many more before you can say "I'M Peter Doggers"?

RS's picture

The tournament excites due to its strong field and disappoints due to no room for prodigies women or rising stars. Why not give Yu Yangyi the world junior champion a chance? Why not invite Polgar or Hou Yifan here? Why not Wesley So or Wang hao or Jobava or Nepo here?

Well average Elo is nice to boast about but if such tournaments need to give these guys a chance.

Born's picture

Bullshit. The top junior is playing, Anish Giri. And Simen Agdestein is not really boosting average Elo either is he?

Grandma's picture


I miss Hou Yifan too.

The super tournaments should have space for at least one female player, and if Hou Yifan shall get the chance to improve, she needs to face the strongest players.

Regarding the other players you mention: You can't have them all in the same tournament if you will limit the field to ten participants.

voyteck's picture

"Well average Elo is nice to boast about but if such tournaments need to give these guys a chance".

Agdestein: 2628, Hou: 2629. I don't see any Elo-frenzy here.

Thomas Richter's picture

Be patient until mid-July to have four of the players you mention in two different events: Hou Yifan in Biel. So, Nepomniachtchi and Nepomniachtchi in Bergamo (ACP Golden Classic with a 'special' time control: 2.5 hours for 40 moves followed by adjournments).

Anonymous's picture

"Hou Yifan in Biel. So, Nepomniachtchi and Nepomniachtchi" Where are 4 players here I counted 3. Problems with counting TO?

Thomas Richter's picture

No, problems with typing 'Soviet' names ... this should have been So, Nepomniachtchi and Jobava. The ACP Golden Classic was so far only indirectly announced - the tournament homepage is under construction and might be online in about two weeks (info from tournament and ACP Board Director Yuri Garrett).

Anonymous's picture

Giri is no rising star for you ??? come on !!! He was born in 1994 and is 17 in the world ... He really deserves his ticket here ... As for an other norwegian, it's totally acceptable : after all, it's thenorway chess tournament ( TATA STEEL has three players from netherland etc etc ) ... And finally, you get the best players in the world. SO WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING ???

RS's picture

Giri is a star already. He has been discovered and has established hisself at this early age. He is there due to his 2752 Elo rating. The point I am trying to make is 'Give a chance to a future star and help make their future'.

Also get someone based on their exiting chess e.g. Jobava and not just rating. Got it?

Anonymous's picture

well then, why not Richard rapport ? or Wei yi ??? or Artemiev ? if you want a rising star !!! because Jobava was born at the end of 19 century

Anonymous's picture

Jobava and Nepo are no rising stars !!! GIRI IS THE RISING STAR ... And we'll see if SO can cope with his latest success ( I hope he will of course )

Grandpa's picture

What about the commentary? Nigel Short is funny, but Dirk-Jan ten Geuzendam ? wtf.... same old boring story as with Wijk aan Zee?

chessman's picture

just waiting for a new 2900 or a new 2800......

RS's picture

A new 2800 is more likely to happen

john's picture

Damn it guys, magnus is gonna crush them all..!!
baddest result, he might get top 3 from this tourney.

pioneer's picture

No love for the defending champion?

Anonymous's picture

Carlsen just wiped out the whole crew !

Anonymous's picture

He got lucky, not deserved win!

Anonymous's picture

Lucky to win against the best of the best ?!?!? OUCH !!!!!!!!! are you already drunk ?

jimknopf's picture

He looked extremely relaxed and at the same time focused in the games. He could have lost one or two, but Blitz of course is decided by losing on time as well.

I got the impression, that after all the stress and excitement of becoming world champion, he may have found a another level of constant inner balance and self confidence, beyond all the talk of "grinding" Carslen style, a somewhat more flexible style with more options. But hey, that's only a subjective impression based on some blitz games.

Anway, I'm really curious for the character of his long games after the blitz now.

Anonymous's picture

You're funny jim!

Anonymous's picture

1. Carlsen
2. Caruana
3/4. Aronian, Karjakin
5-7. Svidler, Topalov, Kramnik (tied)
8. Simen

Anonymous's picture

Caruana is not second of the blitz tournament ... just saying

Anonymous's picture

And Giri and Grischuk?

Anonymous's picture
chess dude's picture

classic results (corrected):

1. Carlsen
2,3. Aronian, Caruana
4-6. Giri, Karjakin, Grishuk
7-9. Kramnik, Svidler, Topalov
10. Simen

AAR's picture

Good tournament for all Chess lovers.

Luís's picture

I believe that Aronian can't miss this opportunity to mark his position as a world championship contender. Feeling like a hippie and carefree (to use his own words) isn't enough for someone with such a huge talent.

RG13's picture

Aronian's position as a world championship contender is secure because as long as he maintains the #2 rating he will again be seeded into the candidates. The problem for him is to perform at his normal level at the candidates tournament.

Grandma's picture

I have two questions:

1. What happened in the game Giri - Grischuk?
Didn't Grischuk claim a draw after 50 moves without any pieces captured and no pawns moved? ? He was right, wasn't he?

Or how are the rules in blitz?

I think that Grischuk was a bit angry after this game.

2. The other question:

Will the blitz today count on the rating?

Do you know the answers?


(We watched Norwegian TV, and my impression was that the commentators didn't know either.)

Grandma's picture

On the blitz rating, of course. :)

Impressing that Grischuk managed to play Kramnik so well just after his frustrating Giri- game.

Luís's picture

This issue was mentioned in the live games comments and the answer is no. Short said it was stupid and I must agree with him.

Perhaps blitz tournament with an accessory function like this one aren't considered as a real blitz competition.
At this level the argument doesn't convince me and I agree with Short opinion.

Remco G's picture

You can only claim if you've written down the moves. Good luck with that in blitz.


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