June 22, 2014 6:29

Game of Thrones

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Author: Jose Diaz


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Who do you think Carlsen like among these WGM to become his girlfriend? :)

a. Polgar
b. Hou Yifan
c. Anna Ushenina
d. Tania Sachdev
e. Anna Muzychuk
f. Anastasiya Karlovich
g. Kosintseva.

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Carlsen should go with Tatev abrahamyan or Anna muzychuk. Karlovich is too old for magnus, she's 8 years older than carlsen, damn!

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MC is start getting in touch with Anastasiya :) Anastasiya is falling with him. Almost every tourney of MC, Ana is there. And that's the start their development and falling for each other.

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Almost every tournament where Karlovich is around, Ilyumzhinov is also around. Does that mean that they are, or might fall in love with each other? No, it means that both play a role in FIDE (Karlovich as press officer).

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Almost every item of news about Carlsen, Thomas is around. Does that mean they are, or might fall in love with each other? No, it means Thomas is a virtual stalker - he is obsessed with him.

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Thomas is inlove with Carlsen as the saying goes "The more you hate, the more you love. " He always there when it comes to Carlsen. :) Thomas how love you have for Carlsen?

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Truly agree with you Thomas. Anna is a tourney photographer and a press officer. It doesnt mean that when carlsen is around, anna is around. she has a duty for chess news coverage no matter who the chess players are.

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But if you saw them holding each other's hand. That's a different story. I love what I saw. MC's sweetness to Ana.

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Ushenina is good for MC or Anna Muzychuck.

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Kids :)

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Yeah, a lot of teens commenting here. You can tell by all the American-Pie-comments, lol. It's an excting period in life, though. Nice if chess can reach these young people.

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Usual level of maturity here vis a vis females. I also see it at my chess club. So many chess players are bachelor dorks.

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Being in love is one of the best part in life. :)

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You can most of the GM's both gender are bachelors. it's good to pair them/ lol.

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Se estan volviendo monotonas las caricaturas de Magnus!!! No más Thor José!! Eres brillante pero Thor ya lo trillaste!

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This guy Jose Diaz is brilliant, but is enough of Thor!!!

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Chess and sex is the best combination as Pogonina said.


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