October 09, 2011 22:38

Kasparov beats Short 4.5-3.5 in blitz match

Kasparov beats Short 4.5-3.5 in blitz match

(UPDATED) Garry Kasparov beat Nigel Short 4.5-3.5 in the YourNextMove blitz match that took place on Sunday evening in Leuven, Belgium. In a match that wasn't without mistakes, Kasparov had a 2-point lead after five games, but Short levelled the score with two consecutive wins. Kasparov then won the last game, and the match.

Event Kasparov-Short blitz | (Your Next Move)  | PGN via TWIC
Date October 9th, 2011
Location Leuven, Belgium
System Match
Players Garry Kasparov, Nigel Short
Time control 5 minutes + 2 seconds increment

Kasparov-Short: 4.5-3.5

The blitz match between Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short was a special part of the traditional YourNextMove event, which this year celebrated its 5th edition. Venue was the Leuven city hall and the time control was 5 minutes per game, plus 2 seconds increment per move. Here are the games:


The games were transmitted on the internet in a superb way, which reminded of the Foidos system that was tried during the Anand-Kramnik World Championship match in Bonn, 2008. Different screens were available for the viewer: close-ups of the players, a general view, a chess board and a screen with commentator GM Genna Sosonko, and by clicking on one of the screens, it would be shown as the big screen in the middle:

For many chess fans the retired Kasparov was the big favourite in this match against the semi-retired Short, especially taking into account that the 13th World Champion recently beat top-GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in blitz (although that was only over two games). After five games this notion seemed quite accurate: Kasparov was leading by a 2-point margin, and he had been better in the three draws as well.

However, then the Russian surprisingly lost two games in a row. Short, who in this match played romantic openings like the King's Gambit and the Evans Gambit, needed a bit of help though. In game 6, in a better position Kasparov blundered an exchange (like Short had done before earlier in the match) and after he lost, which set the score at 3.5-3.5, he walked away from the board shaking his head, like in the old days when he suffered a rare loss. Determined to win this match, Kasparov then outplayed Short in the final game with Black, from a Two Knights Defence.

YourNextMove is a Belgian initiative to promote chess and support children between 6 and 12 years old. On Tuesday, October 11th Kasparov will also play the traditional YourNextMove simul against 30 businessmen, politicians and children. Like in previous years, children can qualify for this event in several qualification events in different locations in Belgium. More info can be found here.



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Author: Peter Doggers


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It was Short but it wasn't short.

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Not too bad by Kasparov, he retired from serious chess more than 6.5 years ago while Short is very active and plays the 2800s in London. 4.5-3.5 was an OK result for Kasparov and that last game was maybe the best, I guess he was irritated after dropping 3.5-1.5 to 3.5-3.5.

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I want to see Kasparov eyes during the game: O_O *_* o_o O_o ._. ._O

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I think I will post this on twitter ahahahhahahahahah

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All of the games were very tactical, it was a pleasure to follow them.

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Garry Kimovich impressed today against a determined opponent who played enterprising chess. Bravo for Nigel for a great effort!

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I am a bit sad. I live in Brussels and if I knew that Kasparov and Short were in Leuven, I would have gone there, too (just learned this from chessgames.com). Chess has maybe still a marketing problem. So it could easily be more popular...

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If you would visit chess sites like this one then you would know. It was known well in advance that they will play and all the chess sites I know had this news.

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the event was invites only anyway

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where is are a videos of this ?

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Yes, I would also like to know if there are videos of this game.

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Just added two videos!

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This one is pure psychology, that is why Kasparov won.

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Psychology? Yes indeed. Garry even brought his own K K K wall paper. He most certainly short-changed Nigel on the self-promotion front.

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Funny detail. Gary is sitting on a pillow. He is rather short and his chair was too low. It was quite funny because all the details were taken care of and at the very last moment they had to fetch a pillow :)

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I've met Kasparov and he is not short.

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Another win !

nice ;)

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Surprisingly there are no real photos of this event (not just here on ChessVibes) only snapshots from the live webcam where the picture quality is not so good. I managed to dig out this photo of the two grandmasters.

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