January 20, 2012 11:08

Tata video: Jan Timman shows his win against Ernst

Tata video: Jan Timman shows his win against Ernst

Finally, we hear you say. Here's the first video from the Wijk aan Zee press room, with Jan Timman showing his victory over his compatriot, grandmaster Sipke Ernst. In fact it was the first press conference organized so far, so that's why it's also the first one published here. Enjoy!

Jan Timman showing his game...

...while some of his friends (Hans Ree, Hans Böhm and behind him Yochanan Afek) watched

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Author: Peter Doggers


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Yay finally the wooden board is back.

Robin's picture

Really enjoying Timmans instructive play this tournament, thanks for the upload. How come this is the first press conference so far? Any particular reason?

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Yuhu! Finally! But why so late?

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There simply hadn't been a press conference before, because of the low number of journalists present in the press room. This will surely change in the next few days.

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But I think every of these players know that millions of people watch the videos with the wooden board. That means a press conference is complete if there are a player with his game and you with your camera.

Flip de Zeeuw's picture

Happy you're here!

(Has the tournament committee provided the Timman Crew with identical blue sweaters?)

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i remember when chessvibes was made great by showing live videos and analyses - where are the live A-tourny videos ? The recent London chess classics has raised the level to ea

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to a very high lvl - sry

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Check out the demonstration "board" in this video:
Technology! We live in the 21st century.

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Nice to have this again!
By the way, we sure live in the 21st century, but I still like the old technology (it's much cheaper you know, and more environmental friendly :P).
I remember writing an e-mail to the then organizers (it was still Corus I think) about how to acquire such a wooden demonstration word, but I never got an answer.
If anybody knows a contact to order such a demo-board I would really appreciate it.

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