January 04, 2014 20:20

New Year's Resolutions

© 2014, José Diaz





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Author: Jose Diaz


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Nice drawing, but ik will be more competitieve i suppose.

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The January 2014 rating list! Nice.

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At last Magnus with a smile!


Trolls wont like this.........Magnus is the best ever!!!

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The trolls are silenced.

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The following post triggered the spam filter.

"Amazing cartoon. Jose is a genius!!"

Can someone please explain what is spam in that?

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Can you imagine "Happy New Year Chess(nospace)vibes!" trigger a spam. Chess-vibes is filtering chess-vibes!

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Testing testing

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chessvibes chessvibes

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I love how Grischuk is portrayed - the only one with a 'I don't give a s...' look on his face - exactly how Sasha would be in such a place.

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I like grischuck, he just does his thing and that's it. He is also an excellent player! Maybe not champion material but still among the very best.

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Nice one. Put a big smile on my face.

Nice to see how easy it is to recognize all the players. To me that shows how well your drawings are. Good stuff!

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All except Magnus, oddly enough. I don't think he looks like that.

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Where is the crocodile outfit?? ;)

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Haha, pretty good.

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[wrt cartoon]

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´...and be a little nicer to my colleagues´ =)

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