January 19, 2014 16:28

Pumping Tata Steel

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Author: Jose Diaz


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I thought caricatures were about exaggerating? Why did they Diaz depict Giri's actual anatomy here?

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subtract Diaz please form former comment :)

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Are you sure you wouldn't rather subtract "they"?

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ok, the keyboard's been drinking, not me

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give it some water!

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is Giri's level of play similiar to that of Carlsen at the same age?

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No Carlsen was much stronger. But he was more fulltime pro than Giri, who attended regular school up till last year. On the whole though, I would be surprised if Giri ever catches Carslen.

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When Carlsen was the same age Giri is now he was already #1 while Giri still has long way to go to reach top ten, so difficult to call it the same level.

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Hilarious and right on the money!

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Carlsen-Aronian will be an awesome match!
Let's hope for a 16-game one, at least.

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Is he pracitise Giri wil become stronger! Go for it.

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Still these few strokes depict their faces very well, brilliant.

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lol, this guy is sick :)

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Giri, Caruana, and Aronian are the 3 best bets to pose a challenge to Carlsen's supremacy. Aronian is a late bloomer who (despite his age) may have yet to peak. he's still experimenting with playing style and meta-strategy to optimize results. Of course, he has yet to fully master his nerves, which explains his getting outplayed by van Wely in the last round of WaZ. A number of top players-having already clinched clear 1st Place-- would have steered the game to a draw, and avoided the critical lines. But he was White, was playing van Wely, and had an opportunity to play for some sort of historic feat. But that rasied the stakes, and under the pressure Aronian crumpled (as he has in previous Candidate's events.

But even now, with a 50-60 point gap, who wouldn't want to see a match between Aronian and Carlsen?

Giri has yet to go "All-in" and make a 100% commitment as a pro. So, he got his University education, etc, and in so doing has not trained maximally. Therefore, it is plausible that Giri might have more upside than is implied by his current rating/age curve.

Caruana is a bit older than Giri, but younger than Carlsen. I could easily seeing him making a quantum jump. He shows little fear, and is developing a Universal style. I think that he has been experimenting with "Baroque" play, and taking different approaches to his playing style. he should break through 2800 this yer, and continue to progress.

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