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Anand-Gelfand: inspection of the playing hall

Anand-Gelfand: inspection of the playing hall

Yesterday Vishy Anand, Boris Gelfand, a number of officials and team members inspected the venue for the World Championship match: the Engineering Building of the State Tretyakov Gallery. The official website reported:

In accordance with the match regulations for the chess crown, the world champion and the challenger for this title conducted an inspection of the match hall in the Engineering Building of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation Ilya Levitov, Chief arbiter Ashot Vardapetyan, Match supervisor FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, Appeals Committee Chairman Kurt Jungwirth, FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer, Assistant to the FIDE President Berik Balgabaev and Chairman of the Israeli Chess Federation Moshe Slav.

Both chess players were satisfied with the match venue and organisation. After inspecting the match area, Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand gave an interview to channel “Russia-24”.

The match starts Thursday evening with the opening ceremony and then game 1 will be played on Friday. Besides the live video and commentary that we know from the Tal Memorial, it looks like we can expect excellent pictures as well on the official website. The organizers hired photographer Eteri Kublashvili and her first set of photos can be found in this gallery on the official website. Here's a (large) selection:

The theatre of the Engineering Building will be used as the playing hall

The glass windows are being finalized 

The booth for the commentary is ready to go

That way - we should be able to find it

Members of the Anand team (Eric van Reem on the left, Hans-Walter Schmitt on the far right) talk with Ilya Levitov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Russian Chess Federation

Reigning World Champ Vishy Anand testing his chair, his wife/manager Aruna behind him

Boris Gelfand already adjusting a few pieces

The two matadors behind the chess board for a few first pics - Israel Gelfer (FIDE) watching and Berik Balgabaev (FIDE) and Hans-Walter Schmitt (Anand team) with cameras

FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, responsible for the World Championship cycle

FIDE Vice President Israel Gelfer

Gelfand and Anand, probably listening to a few more instructions related to the venue

Vishy Anand behing interviewed for the "Russia 24" TV channel...

...and Boris Gelfand as well

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Stephen's picture

good luck to both players ! I can't wait for the match to start !

Niima's picture

Nice pics. Does anyone know if Anand wears a wig? It looks like it.

Hu Flung Dung's picture

Just a bad haircut

vis's picture
Chess_FM's picture

Yes, he probably does, or may be he doesn't. But, he plays chess better than 99.9% of the population.

Chess Fan.'s picture

He doesn't wear a wig.
I met him.
While on that, let me tell you that by reading articles on the web or by seeing his pictures, the charisma and the grandeur of the man in person is not perceivable. In spite of his and his wife's humility, he blows your mind with that presence - it is like meeting someone very special.

RAM's picture

yes it is from gulfgate hairfixing

noyb's picture

What's with the Moe Howard haircut?!

columbo's picture

the haircut is here to hide his belly :)

Anonymous's picture

What is all this crap about Anand's or Gelfand's bellies? Carlsen is the only one being paid to be a male model.

NWO's picture

they will make Gelfand the winner

Casaubon's picture

They can do that?

Anonymous's picture

they made dinosaurs extinct

Casaubon's picture

'Deputy President'. 'Vice President'. Is there a 'Prince of FIDE' too?

Septimus's picture

Can somebody post English transcripts of the interviews?

Fireblade's picture

As per the interviews will be telecast tomorrow and maybe we can have a transcript available.

Alvaro Frota's picture

Why the board was wrongly placed in some pictures? The right square of the first row was black!

Alvaro Frota's picture

No! they are not! Sorry!

Henk de Jager's picture

Doesn´t look like Gelfand has found a lot of room for physical preparation.

Sligunner's picture

Where did they get that table? Looks like a cast-off from a 1970s soap opera. Is that the best they could come up with? It's an awful colour.

Bob's picture

I don't like the table either. Fischer would never have accepted it :-)

The Devil's picture

They are using the same chess set that is used everywhere else in blitz and regular tournaments!? They should make a luxury staunton set for the world championship that's compatible with the electronic board!

Aditya's picture

About Anand's personality, he a not only one of the greatest in Chess but a great intellectual too...he can sepak more than 10 languages of the world, including spanish, french and german. Its a delight to listen to him on any subject he speaks on

Chess Fan's picture

Very true.
I am sure that I can talk about "String Theory" and he would tell me things that even I do not know (Physics is one of my major interests in life).

Larry Drake's picture

Gelfand reminds me of Benny from LA Law in that pic next to Anand on the sofa. Lovely man Benny was.
Benny on Crossroads too. What is it with telly retards and the name Benny?
Oh, the chess. Hmmm, Anand by 2.

rob's picture

Is the bowl haircut cut a psychological ploy?

Aditya's picture

All kudos to NIIT for recognising genius, but till date, they have'nt managed to find classier shirts for Anand. I dont care if they have to change the style of their logo to do that. It's only because of these matches that they will be known to people long after they are gone.

murius's picture

Live from opening ceremony, Kirsan looks happy, Vishy white in 1st game

hansie's picture

IMHO, in these W. Ch. Matches, it is an unfair advantage to the player who gets White for the first game, as in the first half of the match, its an advantage to get the serve first. And, again in the second half, it is an advantage having the White in the last game.

murius's picture

Those of you who watched to the bitter end, do you think little Barbara will get to eat tonight? That was one screwed up solo. Though in her defense I never played the entire thing and the little I did not as well as she.

Chess Fan's picture

This is from the World Championship chess sponsor at Moscow in his interview with Chessbase - mirrors my own personal experience with meeting Anand and Aruna:
"Everyone knows that Anand is a great chess player, but I can also share my impressions of him as a human being. When you talk to him or his wife you feel the very positive energy of very good people. I have not met many people in my life that make you feel like that, who radiate such positive energy.

I believe that this is going to be a great match because it is between two real gentlemen, two great players in a great museum and a wonderful city. So all the ingredients are there for a great event."

Chess Fan's picture

Dear Chessvibes Owner/Site Editor,
I followed your wonderful coverage of your previous world championship match between Anand and Topolov, and look forward to your coverage of this one.
Best Wishes,
A Chess Fan (from N.America) and a Fan of your site.

h8dgeh0g's picture

Is there any one way see through glasses in the playing venue this time?

Anonymous's picture

Yes I jnow that Ananad had bald head . It looks like he wear wig or went for hair transplantation! I am seeing full hair now.

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