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Kasparov-Short blitz match on October 9th in Belgium

Garry Kasparov will play an 8-game blitz match against Nigel Short, on October 9th in Leuven, Belgium. Venue is the Leuven city hall and the match will start at 18.30 local (Central European) time. Chess-news reports that the time control will be 5 minutes plus 3 seconds increment, but Nigel Short told us that he thought it was only 2 seconds increment. Update: it starts at 19.00 CET and the time control is indeed 5+2.

Short and Kasparov in the final of the 2004 Reykjavik rapid tournament | Photo © Omar Oskarsson

The blitz match celebrates the 5th jubilee edition of YourNextMove, a Belgian initiative to promote chess and support children between 6 and 12 years old. Inge Geerdens (CVWarehouse), Jan Callewaert (Option) en Gabriel Fehervari (Alfacam) are behind the project. Callewaert is also involved in the European branch of the Kasparov Chess Foundation, about which we reported recently.

Update 2: We now received a press release as well, which mentions that "the games can be viewed in the auditorium or on a 3D TV screen. The event will also be live streamed on the Internet via www.exqisport.be and Genna Sosonko, a former Soviet grandmaster and Dutch international, will commentate live." After the games Kasparov and Short will comment upon the games.

Kasparov and Short will face each other 18 years after their controversial battle for the world championship in London. In the early 90s they founded the Professional Chess Association (PCA), a rival organisation to FIDE which existed between 1993 and 1996. Nigel Short won the Candidates tournament and became Kasparov's challenger for the PCA World Championship. The match took place in the Savoy Theatre in London, under the sponsorship of The Times. Kasparov won 12.5-7.5 and became PCA World Chess Champion.

On Tuesday, October 11th Kasparov will also play the traditional YourNextMove simul against 30 businessmen, politicians and children. Venue will be the Alfacam building in Lint, Belgium. We reported several times about these events and for example our 2008 article has some good photos.

Like in previous years, children can qualify for this event in several qualification events in different locations in Belgium. The first took place on Sunday, October 2nd in Bruges and the second will be on Thursday, October 6th Brussels. The best kids will qualify for simuls on October 8th with several (inter)national grandmasters, including Nigel Short. On this day, the 10 best youngsters will be selected to play against Kasparov on the 11th.

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Author: Peter Doggers


Szoker's picture

Why Blitz ?

I would love to watch a classical game between them, or at least a rapid...

rocean's picture

I want to see the tantalizing eyes of Kasparov :)

Johan's picture

Hmmm, they choose a bad day since the Belgium Interclubs start the 9th oktober. So many (active) chessplayers can not come and watch the two GMs in action.

Chessfan's picture

Two legends*

ebutaljib's picture

"It will be Short and it will be short" :)

ebutaljib's picture

The orifginal quote is of course:

"My opponent is Short and the match will be short."

Zach's picture

actually you were right the first time... Kasparov was asked during the candidates who he thought would be the challenger. He replied, "It will be Short and it will be short."

Greco's picture
evahaut's picture

yes! about time they put this beautiful city hall in the picture! :)

Anonymous's picture

What's the matter with this Short guy? Does he enjoy being beaten up?

harami's picture

It sounds boring to me.... World's worst mismatch ?

noyb's picture

I loved the pic, made me laugh out loud. I wouldn't be so certain that it will be a romp as Nigel plays blitz online frequently. But, Garry is still Garry, so who knows. Looking forward to it!

Peter Doggers's picture

Mark Crowther digged up material about the 2004 Reykjavik Rapid, where Kasparov and Short met in the final. Interesting stuff: http://www.chess.co.uk/twic/chessnews/events/reykjavik-rapid-2004

Chess Fan's picture

Future headline: "Kasparov makes short work of Short".

Al's picture

I hope so, but remember Short is very active, in good form and will desperately be wanting sweet revenge. Though he thinks very highly of Kasparov, especially after his recent presentation on their WC match.

On the flip side Kasparov is a chess legend (I believe the Grandfather of modern chess), so he'll potentially cause Short a lot of pain, again!

I look forward to the event.

Anonymous's picture

Carlsen played many blitz games with Kasparov while being trained by him. I think I remember him saying that he felt they were pretty closely matched in blitz. So yes, it is probable that Kasparov enjoys blitz (anonymously) on the internet. I hear that even Fischer enjoyed doing that in his later years.

Chessfan's picture

Awesome! My hero is playing chess again =D

Thomas's picture

Breaking news: Next, Kasparov will play a blitz match against Topalov on some Croatian island!
I am kidding and making this up ... but yesterday Topalov drew a clock simul against the Irish national team (not quite comparable to Garry's results a while ago in similar events), today and tomorrow he will give simuls on the channel islands of Jersey and Guernsey.

Warszawa's picture

Always blitz. The chess is now only blitz.....so there is no future.

ebutaljib's picture

It's an exhibition, so of course it is always blitz or rapid.

Kasparov retired from professional (classical) chess long time ago, you know.

sab's picture

I don't get it ? Why blitz can't be a part of the future for chess ?

What about blitz and rapid players who are also good in classical games :
1) Nakamura
One of the best blitz players in the world who won the 2011 Wijk aan Zee tournament ahead the top four rated players in the world in a performance described by former world champion Garry Kasparov as better than any tournament by Bobby Fischer.
2) Anand
Current World Chess Champion and currently second highest rated player in the world, he's the best rapid player ever known : Corsica (99-2005), Chess Classic (2000-2008), Leon 2005, Eurotel 2002, Fujitsu Giants 2002 and the Melody Amber (5 times, and he won the rapid portion of Melody Amber 7 times).

Then again, tell me why there is no future in chess if blitz games increase in number ?

guest01's picture

Kasparov? who is he? Oh yeah, Topalov owned him.

Guillaume's picture

Owned him? This is chess, not World of Warcraft.

ebutaljib's picture

Yep, someone really got "owned": 1998 Sofia

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