September 26, 2011 18:18

Topalov to play Irish team

Veselin Topalov (with 2768 currently the world's number 6) is missing in all of the current and upcoming super-tournaments this year, but the Bulgarian grandmaster will be in action soon. On Monday, October 3, Topalov will be playing a clock simul against the Irish Men's Team: GM Alex Baburin, IM Sam Collins, IM Alex Lopez and IM Mark Quinn. The venue is the Clarence Hotel on Wellington Quay, Dublin. Former Irish Champion Paul Delaney and friends will be doing live commentary at the venue. Play starts at 6pm with games ending around 10pm. For details see

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A good start. I hope to see him back at the top level soon. I appreciate his fighting spirit

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During the clock simul Topalov needs to drink a tleast 5 pints of guiness to make it more interesting.

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If he drinks this much Guinness, he will have to accuse himself of cheating because all the bathroom trips he will make.

ACK's picture

At last !! you'll back on the board. What happened ? You're ranking deteriorating since then.

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why doesn't Topalov play in super tournaments?

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