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< 1900? get this before ANY other opening book!

Chess Opening Essentials 2: 1.d4 d5 / 1.d4 various / Queen's GambitsToday we start shipping two new books we just published:

Chess Opening Essentials 2: 1.d4 d5 / 1.d4 various / Queen's Gambits
Chess Opening Essentials 3: Indian Defences, Complete

These are accessible primers and reference books at the same time, and provide players with a rating

These books are long-lasting, because they are about the basics, not about the latest fashions. They cover ALL main variations likely to arise, with plans for both White and Black, and carry many illustrative games.

You will not get forcing tactical variations, but a flavor of how every opening works. The authors explain what you should actually be trying to achieve, and give clear indications for further study.

Unlike other reference books, these are not database dumps full of dead trees! You will get simple, down-to-earth verbal explanations, while important moves and key positions are highlighted in COLOUR. Thousands of users of Chess Opening Essentials 1: The Complete e4 know what I am talking about: complete & accessible manuals.


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