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A walrus eating oysters: Garry K. on the match

NIC Magazine"Anand gobbled him up like the walrus eating oysters in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass", writes Garry Kasparov on the world championship match in Bonn.

You can read Kasparov's piece in New In Chess 2008/8, which is just out and we think is full of interesting stuff:

-- Anand, Kramnik and their seconds on the match
-- a small scandal: why Kramnik paid to get the bigger trophy
-- notes of an outsider: prize-winning author Evgeny Bareev in Bonn
-- Peter Svidler on his 5th Russian title
-- Nakamura boosts his ego-rating
-- why flattery works very well with Nigel Short
-- Dancing Queens: Jan Timman
-- and much more!

Please have a look at the latest issue of our flagship publication.


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