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Aagaard's general rules of attacking chess

Formulating general principles of attacking chess? 'Forget it', I hear you say.

But that's exactly what British Champion GM Jacob Aagaard just did, in Part1 of his magnum opus: The Attacking Manual: Basic Principles.

Aagaard's rules of chess dynamics are, briefly told:
-- include all your pieces
-- use your lead in development or it will decrease
-- take advantage of colour weaknesses
-- disregard pieces which are not involved
-- strike at the weakest spot
-- create weak spots by demolishing strong ones
-- be aware of the evolution/revolution tide.

In seven swinging chapters Aagaard explains and demonstrates his rules, and follows this up with almost 100 pages of convincing examples and extremely challenging tests.

If your results don't improve after studying this book, your case is lost.


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