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After four losses, Bobby started crying ...

"At one point, however, I had beaten him four times in a row, and he cried at least once, revealing the depth of his intensity for the game. But one night at the Marshall Chess Club rapids we played a French Defence, and a very peculiar thing happened. In the middle of the game Bobby made ...."

This is from a new and very special book we just published: Hooked on Chess, by Bill Hook.

In his memoir Bill Hook looks back on his long life in chess, art and gambling. He played with a motley crowd of amateurs, hustlers and celibrities like Marcel Duchamp, Stanley Kubrick and Miguel Najdorf.

He participated in a record 16 chess olympiads for the British Virgin Islands, winning the gold medal on first board in 1980. The book contains dozens of Hook's fine photographs.

"A good read, a colorful document, and an admirable life", commented The Washington Post chess writer Lubosh Kavalek.

Please have look at this wonderful memoir of chess and gambling.


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