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Aronian's swindling: New In Chess 2009/3

Aronian wins Amber"Aronian's saves were were based on a very distinctive style of slow-motion swindling", writes Dr John Nunn in his exclusive eye-witness report on Amber 2009.

You can read Nunn's piece in New In Chess 2009/3 (just out).

Other interesting stuff from this issue's more than 100 pages:

-- Garry Kasparov on Ivanchuk going "bleeping nuts"
-- a future Women Grandmaster(?) in underwear
-- Nigel Short on Timman's weaknesses
-- Magnus Carlsen on beating Grischuk
-- Hans Ree: Vlastimil Hort's many errors & inaccuracies
-- the scandal that almost killed the Topalov-Kamsky match
-- Jonathan Rowson: chess is a jealous lover
-- and much more.

Please have a look at the latest issue of our flagship publication.


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