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Avoid theoretical landmines: Play 1.b3!

We have just published a new book, called Play 1.b3!,
written by Russian IM Ilya Odessky.

The popularity of the Nimzo-Larsen Attack is largely
based on its surprise value, but 1.b3 is in fact one
of White's more logical first moves.

By immediatly developing his queen's bishop, White aims
at undermining Black's centre, and steers towards an
open battle, right from the start.

This is an up-to-date book about an offbeat opening with
sound and easy-to-learn positional ideas. Odessky writes
with a lot of passion and humour.

So our advice is:
Take your opponent out of his stride at move one, Play 1.b3!


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I have come to the conclusion that my previous comment sounds pretty negative towards both books. I didn't mean to be. I guess i just expected Odessky's book to be a little different then the Jacobs & Tait book but the approach is pretty similar, as in games (or game fragments) with explanations at critical points. There's probably not a whole lot else to the opening that needs explaining. Anyway, if you're into the Nimzo-Larsen i recommend you get them both.

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Just another reference work like the Jacobs & Tait book. Nothing more.

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