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Carlsen, Kamsky, Moro: New In Chess 2008/5

New In Chess 2008/5 is full of interesting stuff:

-- Magnus Carlsen on his win in Foros
-- Moro on his win in Sarajevo
-- Kasparov on his win against Karpov (in 1985, that is)
-- Leko on his win in Dortmund
-- Bologan's essay on the return of Gata Kamsky
-- Ivanchuk on beating Shirov
-- to the memory of Karen Asrian, by Aronian
-- for the love of chess books, by Ten Geuzendam
-- Jan Timman on Carlsen's technique
-- David Pruess on beating Nakamura in Vegas
-- Helmut Pfleger on his greatest fear
-- and much more

Is New In Chess really as good as they say? Let me know
what you think of this issue.


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