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Does playing blindfold chess drive you crazy?

The ability to play chess without sight of the boardis something which continues to perplex.

In Blindfold Chess authors Hearst and Knott investigate how it was that many famous psychologists thought that playing blindfold would cause mental ruin.

But the authors do much more in this splendidly produced luxury edition. They give the entire history and psychological significance, as well as hundreds of the most important games

They investigate claims of world records in simultaneous blindfold exhibitions (rejecting some dubious ones), and revisit in detail the incredible achievement of Miguel Najdorf in 1947: 91% on 45 boards.

Of course, the reason we, ordinary chess players, don't play blindfold on multiple boards is not that we couldn't do it, or are afraid to go crazy; we're just too busy!

Please have a look at this magnificent, mindboggling book.


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Hahahaha! Blindfold chess drive you crazy? What a joke

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