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Dvoretsky's next great classic

Dvoretsky's Analytical ManualWe just received Mark Dvoretsky's next great classic: Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual (419 pages, ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 29.95).

What's the point, you may ask, of an "analytical manual" when computers can solve, in a wink, any question in chess?

The answer is, of course: there is a huge difference between the search for the objective truth, and the practical reality of playing a game of chess with a limited amount of time.

Dvoretsky teaches you how and when, during a game, you should make choices between relying on intuition, applying rules of thumb, looking for positional clues and calculating variations to the end.

With this book, the serious student can take his understanding and handling of complex middlegame positions to the next level.

In the end, it is about managing your time well.


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It sounds like hard work, and the book might very well be over my head. I cannot wait for my copy. :-)

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