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Fabulous Aronian in New In Chess 2011/3

New In Chess 2011/3Just out: New In Chess 2011/3 – with 106 pages of chess delight .

- Levon Aronian absolutely fabulous in Amber farewell
- Viktor Kortchnoi: ‘I caused Petrosian’s fatal illness’
- Nigel Short on his worst simul
- Genna Sosonko on ‘Magicians’ Bronstein & Tal
- Judit Polgar on how she crushed a Georgian GM
- ‘What Bobby wants, Bobby gets’
- Vladimir Potkin on winning the European title
- Exclusive annotations by Anand, Carlsen, Aronian, Grischuk and many others
- Why Anish Giri doesn’t want to be a chess clock - and much, much more!

Please have a look at the latest issue of our flagship publication !


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this new format is really awful. It is so floppy now that it is impossible to read it in bed. So I was unable to read 2011/2.
I want my money back ! Moreover the only new content is advertising, there is a lot more.

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