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Fed up with stuffy theory? SOS 10 is out!

SOS 10SOS - Secrets of Opening Surprises 10 is out!

Good news for thousands of chess players all over the world, who will be eagerly hunting its pages for early deviations from main stream chess openings.

Their hunt will not be in vain, because SOS is great for those who like to get an early advantage in the game by throwing their opponent off balance and gaining valuable time on the clock.

Only one of the SOS's in volume 10 has appeared before in New In Chess magazine, all the others are brand new.

"A great publication and a potential gold mine", is what USCF Life Master Lou Mercuri wrote about SOS in Chess Horizons .

Please, have a look at the variations covered (PDF) in SOS 10.

You can order SOS 10 here.


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