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Finally in English: The Modern Scandinavian

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"73","attributes":{"alt":"","title":"","class":"media-image","typeof":"foaf:Image","wysiwyg":1}}]] We have just received from our printers: The Modern Scandinavian.

Matthias Wahls’s Modernes Skandinavisch 1 & 2 both became bestsellers, and even acquired cult status when they were published in Germany back in 1997 and 2006.

This book is an updated and expanded translation of Modernes Skandinavisch 2, and focuses not on theoretical lines but on the structural ideas in the Scandinavian.

Co-authors Karsten Müller and Hannes Langrock have added a new theoretical appendix that provides a condensed repertoire for black players.

You don’t have to learn German anymore in order to be able to read this classic!


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