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How to Beat the King's Indian Defence?

Beating the KIDIt remains one of the most popular choices for Black versus 1.d4: the King's Indian Defence. But how to combat it succesfully with White?

Slovakian GM Jan Markos has designed three separate repertoires for White. Each of them has a different style, ranging from solidly positional to wildly attacking:

- The Bayonet Attack (9.b4) - favoured by the elite and regarded as the critical test of the KID
- The "Korchnoi Line" (9.Ne1) - leading to wild complications and mutual attacks
- The "Krasenkow Line" (6.h3)
- a strategic line with which Krasenkow has scored tremendously

Beating the KID is published by Quality Chess and gives the latest word on this popular defence, which also KID players themselves had better not miss themselves... You can find it here.


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