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How to spot tactics & calculate ahead

GM Lev Alburt, one of the most successful chess teachers in the world, has just published an ingenious new book: Chess Training Pocket Book II.

The subtitle of this cheap (?¢‚Äö¬¨14.95) and practical (fits easily in your pocket, yet has more than 200 pages) work is: 'How to Spot Tactics and How Far to Calculate Ahead'.

The first chapter is a collection of very useful tips on thinking about a positon, such as: how to avoid tunnel vision, how to handle candidate moves, use 'support positions', and switch perspective.

But the bulk of the book is a collection of very cleverly selected and presented training positions.

We recommend this book to your attention, but take care. The claim, on the cover, that this book is "for players of all levels" is not true: it is not for beginners or masters, but for ambitious club players.


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