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"If you want to become a stronger player..."

"If you want to become a stronger player, you have to join Pinter's classes", is what they say in Hungary.

They are referring to a most remarkable publishing project: the very succesfull 1,000 series, written and assembled by GM Jozsef Pinter.

This series consits of big (but affordable) collections of superb chess training material, mostly in endgames.

Recently, a new title was added, outside the endgame terrain: 1,000 Combinations, grouped by theme, in algabraic notation.

The rest of the series is still available as well:
-- 1,000 Queen's Endings
-- 1,000 Minor Piece Endings
-- 1,000 Pawn Endings
-- 1,000 Endgame Studies
-- 1,000 Rook Endings


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