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Just in: Victor Bologan on the 4...a6 Slav

Elite Grandmasters will only very rarely write opening books. One great example I recall was Alexander Morozevich, in his 2007 bestseller (published by us) on the Chigorin Defence.

That is why New In Chess are extremely proud to announce today the arrival of a new and groundbreaking opening book: The Chebanenko Slav According to Bologan.

Indeed, Victor Bologan himself has written a complete monography on one of the main systems for Black today: 237 pages, 22 chapters on the 4. ..a6 Slav!

This will probably be the most important opening book of the year, not only because this variation is extremely popular (both with GM's and club players), but also because of the happy mix of high quality and accessiblity.

Bologan pays homage to the inventor of this system, legendary coach Vyacheslav Chebanenko. With crystal-clear conclusions and dozens of tests, this book is a must for modern chess players.


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