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New: “The best chess tactics book ever.”

Improve Your Chess Tactics We have just received from our printers: Improve Your Chess Tactics .

In this book, experienced Russian chess master Yakov Neishtadt reveals the training material that was used in Soviet times to build up young masters.

A systematic course on the most important tactical themes followed by an exam with hundreds of tests from real-life chess in random order.

Neishtadt’s work is a self-tutor and a sparring-partner in one, and according to Garry Kasparov’s coach Alexander Nikitin: “The best chess tactics book ever.”

More than 700 practical lessons & exercises to improve your chess: only €17.95! .


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Seems a very good book to me. My son (8) plays Step 3 in the Netherlands but these kind of exercises are not integrated in this learningmethod. Excellent samplepages.

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I have got "Chess Praxis 2" [in Russian] written by the same author. In a week time I will get a copy of this great book above mentioned ("Improve Your Chess Tactics").
Yakov Neishtadt's book is great in my opinion. He gives a few examples and at the end of each chapter a few test positions to solve. I am waiting to this book to check how good is it :).
Thank you for free sample pages. I think it should be a standard (to all the books that you are publishing) to publish this kind of excerpt (it might be a few more pages) to encourage customers for buying.

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