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New: a combative repertoire in the French

We are very proud to announce a new book we just published, written by GM Viktor Moskalenko: The Flexible French.

In his much-praised fresh, explanatory style Moskalenko offers a combative & original repertoire in the French Defence.

The four main parts of the book present a wealth of dynamic options in the Advance, Tarrasch, Classical and Winawer variation.

To this, Moskalenko adds his "Seven Samourai Swords": sharp surprise weapons, early deviations from established main line theory.

"Moskalenko does not dish out endless variations, but concentrates on the principal and most aggressive plans", wrote a German reviewer about his earlier book on the Budapest Gambit (currently being reprinted).

An American reviewer called it "a model of an opening book".

The same goes for "The Flexible French": it sparkles with original ideas!


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