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New: a solid & exciting Scandinavian

Scandinavian DefenceWhy is 3 ... Qd6 good for you? Asks Michael Melts in the brand new edition of his Scandinavian Defense.

Basically, the Queen is more active on d6, says Melts, and Black can castle queenside. These factors help Black to equalize and obtain viable counterplay.

And what about Tiviakov's loss in this variation against Svidler in Wijk aan Zee 2006? For Melts, this game is just a minor concern: he gives a convincing improvement.

This second edition is enlarged (almost 25% more pages), fully revised and updated. And it is hot off the press.

In his foreword GM Ian Rogers writes that Melts' study shows there are no worries for Black: "Easy to play and theoretically sound - how many openings can boast that?"

A forcing, solid & exciting line, thoroughly covered in a serious book


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