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New: a Soviet chess legend speaks out

Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes Our printers just delivered: Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes by Yuri Averbakh.

A publisher's dream has come true: Yuri Averbakh, the quintessential insider of Soviet chess for over half a century, has written his personal memoir.

After winning the USSR Championship in 1954 (ahead of Kortchnoi, Petrosian and Geller), Averbakh has been a journalist, an arbiter, a historian, a trainer, a theorist and President of the board of the Soviet chess federation.

You will read about the machinations of the notorious 'Sports Committee', collective Soviet tournament strategies, his personal views on all the top players, his dealings with the West, and much more.

A unique and revealing story, full of personal anecdote and political intrigue.


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