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New: Botvinnik on his matches with Smyslov

A new book by a world champion, that doesn't happen very often!

Botvinnik-Smyslov: Three World Championship Matches has just arrived from the printers. In it, the great Mikhail Botvinnik analyses the games from the 1954, 1957 and 1958 matches.

But there is much more: you can also read his plan of preparation (including showers, salt-baths and visits to the dentist). And quite fascinating are his little opening notebooks.

The contents of these notebooks show just how systematic and diligently Botvinnik worked. Theory has advanced enormously, of course, but here is still much interesting material to be found.

At the end of the 1958 match Botvinnik wrote a 13-page conclusion in which he thoroughly analyses the course of the games and the openings played. Vasily Smyslov wrote a graceful foreword.

In short: a fascinating book. Please have a look here.


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