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New & full of opening novelties: Yearbook 88

Yearbook 88 has just arrived, and in this issue of
The Chess Player's Guide to Opening News you will find,
among much else, answers to urgent questions like:

-- What does Carlsen offer White and Black in the Catalan?
-- Has Ivanchuk pinpointed White's weak spot in the Petroff?
-- Which novelty revived an ailing Gr?ɬºnfeld line?
-- Has Kramnik found the Hedgehog's Achilles' Heel?
-- What's the new idea in the King's Indian Bayonet Attack?
-- Is there new hope in the Nimzowitsch Petroff?
-- Does the sensational Gajewski Gambit hold up?
-- Is Gelfand's 11.Qb6 still viable in the Najdorf?
-- How does Anand fight the fabulous Budapest Gambit in simuls?
-- Why does British co-champion Keith Arkell play 1.b4?
-- Why does nobody play the right move in the Jaenisch Ruy Lopez?
-- And much, much more...


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