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New In Chess 2008/6: Russian, Indian & Chinese youngsters

In 97 countries all over the world the subscribers of
New In Chess will shortly receive issue 2008/6 on their doormat.

They will find it full of interesting stuff:
-- on-the-spot reports from Biel, Mainz, Siberia, Copenhagen, Athens and Philadelphia
-- exclusive annotations by Anand, Carlsen, Shirov, Eljanov,
Dominguez, Alekseev, and many others
-- the great hopes of Chinese, Indian, and Russian chess speak
out: Wang Hao, Parimarjan Negi and Ian Nepomniatchi
-- Genna Sosonko: the Tiger and the Singer
-- a brand new SOS: the Lewis Gambit!
-- Jan Timman on the dynamism of Ivanchuk
-- Victoria Cmilyte on Donner, Akhmatova and Mick Jagger
-- and much more ...

Is New In Chess really as good as they say? Let me know what
you think of this issue.


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