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New In Chess 2011/4: Anand’s dream come true ...

New In Chess 2011/4 Bobby Fischer as seen by Harry Benson - A revealing interview with the legendary star photographer on one of his greatest stories ever in: New In Chess 2011/4.

Other highlights from its more than 100 pages:

  • Candidates Matches: Anand’s dream come true ...
  • An unobjective portrait of Boris Gelfand
  • Garry Kasparov: “A field out of Fischer’s nightmare”
  • Nigel Short: still in short pants?
  • European Champion Victoria Cmilyte reports from Tbilisi
  • Gata Kamsky, finally, tells it all
  • The Priest and the Pariah in Hertan’s Forcing Moves
  • Thailand Open: Opulence Is Bliss
  • Yasser Seirawan on the stupidest rule in chess
  • And much, much more!

    Please have a look at the latest issue of our flagship publication!


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