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NEW: Khalifman reaches the Dragon (Part 11)

Khalifman reaches the DragonAlexander Khalifman's famous repertoire series Opening for White According to Anand has just reached Part 11: the Dragon and Accelerated Dragon.

Why is this series so successful? GM Steingrimsson said about Part 10 in ChessToday: "The quality and the amount of original analysis in this book is amazing and sets a new standard for chess authors."

So, if you play what Kahlifman recommends you will not be surprised by simple refutations (new theory induced by Carlsen's recent games has been included, for example). That is why Masters use these books.

But what about club players? Well, Khalifman points out the essence of all important positions and explains themes and plans quite clearly. He always summarizes conclusions. Khalifman is a brilliant teacher.

So, these books are great for improving players as well. Please have a look here for a razorsharp repertoire.


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