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NEW: Khalifman reaches the Sveshnikov (Part 10)

Alexander Khalifman's repertoire series Opening for White According to Anand has reached the Sveshnikov Sicilian in Part 10.

Why is this series so successful? It is the combination of two things: the quality of the analysis and the accessibility of the explanations.

Look at what Grandmaster Steingrimsson had to say about this Part 10 in a recent issue of Chess Today:

"The quality and the amount of original analysis in this book is amazing and it sets a new standard for chess authors."

If you play what Khalifman recommends you will not be surprised by simple refutations. That is why masters use these books. But what about club players?

Khalifman is a brilliant teacher, and points out the essence of all important positions and explains themes and plans in a very accessible way. He always summarizes conclusions.

So, these books are great for improving players as well. Please have a look here.

We are, by the way, stocking all previous 9 parts of Opening for White Acoording to Anand as well.

New In Chess wish you all the best for 2008!


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