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New: Rybka 3, strength is not everything

The strongest chess program just got stronger!

You know what that means: Rybka 3 is out.

But the shooting star of computer chess (and reigning
world champion) not only gained elo points.

It also has a new interface, designed by ChessBase,
and introduces many new analysis features:

-- Sampled Search
-- Monte Carlo Analysis
-- Singular Moves
-- Look For Win
-- Persistent Hash

Rybka 3 is stands for superior playing strength
combined with ground-breaking interactive analysis

Shipping starts next week, make sure you're in.


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My experience in working with various chess engines over the years, have taught me some interesting things in regards to engine vs. engine results. First, because of differences in algorithm designs, the outcome of matches can and do vary depending on what opening lines are chosen for a match. For example, Chessmaster tends to be more of a defensive, positional engine; whereas Junior is more of an attacking, sacrificial engine. So if you were to use a closed, defensive style opening with Chessmaster playing black vs. Junior playing white, odds are you will end in a draw. And so it really comes down to choosing the right opening lines for a particular match between engines. Choosing the wrong approach on either side of the board will most likely result in a loss. And so, as with human vs. human play, especially at top level, preparaion is indeed key.

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Yes, Aquarium is quite cool :) - and it runs under Linux with Wine. Anyway, Rybka can now be purchased with 2 very good GUIs and I think this is good for the users. Of course buying the standalone Rybka is still possible.

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"It also has a new interface, designed by ChessBase..."
Convekta also offers an interface especially designed for Rybka called Aquarium. Check this out:
or this, for further information:

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