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New: The Four Knights Game

We have just received from our printers: The Four Knights Game. The Four Knights Game is one of the oldest chess openings and continues to be a popular choice among beginners, club players and grandmasters. Russian International Master Andrey Obodchuk has written a repertoire book for white players based on the Spanish Four Knights variation (starting with 4.Bb5). Covering a range of positional themes as well as sharp amazing adventures, Obodchuk has created an easy-to-handle toolbox for club and Internet chess players. Create attacks from seemingly peaceful positions!


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Author: New in Chess


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Looks like a preschool child is still designing book covers for New in Chess. Somebody please take away their crayons and put away the crayola box when designing their absurdly colorful high-contrast book covers. If i wanted to taste the rainbow i would open a bag of skittles. I mean seriously, look at all their recent covers. Why not pick colors that actually go together instead of clash?!? No way i am carrying that crap around, unless i want to walk a cross-walk and make sure the traffic sees me. Before you criticize my comment as "superficial", have a look for yourself at Sveshnikov's c3-sicilian and Naroditsky's Positional Chess. What on earth is going on?!?!??

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hilleriouscomment Johnny, and unfortunately right on the money !

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Ugh, i just saw the cover for "Ragozin Complex". My eyes hurt.

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IMHO the cover for The Four Knights Game looks pretty cool.
I mean lively and not dull. This is exactly what I like.

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Pity this is a repertoire book for white, I was hoping a recent book that gives black's defence against all of white's options as I transpose to it from the Alekhine: 1.e5 Nf6 2. Nc3 e5 3. Nf6 Nc6

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