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New: The Improving Annotator

The Improving Annotator We have just received: The Improving Annotator!

Chess master, author, and renowned teacher Dan Heisman started to annotate his own games at the age of sixteen and over the next three years his rating rose 600(!) points. In this book Heisman shows you the whys and the hows of annotating your games.

It can help you to play better chess!


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Dan Heisman is one of the most underrated authors in the world of chess today. I find some value form almost everything he writes. This book will no doubt be another smash hit for him.

I highly recommend to any novice to intermediate player that they should NOT dive into some of the more elaborate books available today. Dan Heisman and his material on chess is more than enough to get a player to THINK CORRECTLY like a player like a player needs to if they are going to improve.

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