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Save 25% on 1,400 pages of opening tactics

We have slashed the price of the complete Tactics in the Chess Opening series with 25%!

So you can now learn how to recognize opportunities to attack early in the game, and how to avoid standard pitfalls in the opening at an affordable price.

This is what some critics said about this series:

"Lots of opening ideas that can be assimilated by everyone"
Jeremy Silman, author of Silman's Complete Endgame Course

"A pleasurable way for those below 2200 to master the fundamentals
of tactical play" - IM John Donaldson
"A large number of both suble and unsubtle man-traps that can be used
to gain easy points." - British Chess Magazine

This 6-volume 1,400 pages overview of tactical themes and typical traps in ALL main line openings, you can now get at a 25% DISCOUNT.


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