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SOS 8 has just arrived!

SOS -- Secrets of Opening Surprises, Volume 8 has just arrived from the printers.

You know what that means: with just a minor investment of time, you will be able to shock your opponents with very early deviations from the regular lines in main stream openings.

But it also means danger!

It means danger, because in the next few weeks thousands of chess players all over the world will be eagerly hunting the pages of this book. They, too, like easy play, an advantage on the clock, and an opponent out of his depth.

Here are some of the fresh and surprising ideas from this volume: 2. Ne2 and 3.e5 against the Caro-Kann; 3. ... Nge7 in the Ruy Lopez; 6. ... Qe8 in the Nimzo Indian; 2. f4 against the French; Kamsky's 'Spare' Slav (with Qb6); and much more.

Have a look at the SOS 8 - complete list of early deviations and the many outstanding authors that editor Jeroen Bosch has assembled this time.


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