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Tactics in the chess opening, complete

Our series Tactics in the Chess Opening has recently been completed. The last issue came out in the autumn of 2007.

This means that the tactical themes and typical traps in all main line chess openings have been covered.

We are now introducing this series as a collection, with an attractive discount if you order in one go:

Part 1: Sicilian Defence
Part 2: Open Games
Part 3: French Defence & other Semi-Open Games
Part 4: Queen's Gambits, Trompowsky & Torre
Part 5: Indian Defences, Catalan & Benoni
Part 6: Gambits & Flank Openings

On more than 1,400 pages, over 1,000 short games illustrate how you can recognize opportunities to attack early in the game and how you should avoid standard pitfalls in the opening.

You can now order the entire series with a 10% discount.


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