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The Life of Savielly Tartakower: a page turner

-- "The mistakes are all there, waiting to be made""
-- "No game was ever won by resigning"
-- "He wins who makes the next-to-last mistake"

Half a century after his death Tartakower lives on, not only in his beautiful games, but also in his famous aphorisms.

In Moral Victories: The Life of Savielly Tartakower, David Lovejoy brings to life the poet, gambler and world class chess master who changed nationalities four times.

Don't let yourself be turned off by the genre: this is an historical novel, but it has ALL the available facts of the life molded into a wonderful story.

GM Ian Rogers said: "Lovejoy has you turning the pages" and Steve Goldberg commented at ChessCafe: "One of the game's greatest has truly come to life."

So this may well become your 2008 summer reading joy!


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