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The Nimzo-Indian for amateurs

The Nimzo-Indian has arguably the best reputation of all defences against 1.d4. Why is this?

Basically because of the logic and simplicity of the NI formation. Black's first three moves adhere to the classic opening principles: development, control of the center and preparation for castling.

While doing this Black retains great structural flexibility, rarely falls behind in development, and is almost never overwhelmed by a surprise attack. All this for just giving up his dark-squared bishop.

We have just received a new and very concise (111 pages) book on the Nimzo, by Cuban GM Reinaldo Vera. It is part the very succesful 'Chess Explained' series, and covers all main variantions.

In 26 games Vera explains the basic plans and the key battle grounds: handling the unbalanced pawn structure, blockading the position, the isolated Queen pawns and the struggle between Bishop and Knight.

It has all it takes to start playing this opening. Please have a look here.


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